Before joining the gaming industry I was a freelancer artist involve in illustration and graphic design since the age of 17 years old. Both position left a great impression on me to focus my artistic skills for visual communication and problem solving to help sell a client's product. Afterward, I got into video games as the next challenge not only for playing, but to compliment my artistic talent to the industry as concept artist. Working with a couple of indie gaming projects that I was responsible for UI, storyboard, logo, character and environment design. The experience pushes me to take a more lead and activate role as a game designer to create proper structure of game play and mechanics, lead art, story line, scenarios and level design.

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For this week we're already updating the game like improve the sensitive of the controls, adding the scan line shader for the bonus round, lighter asteroid texture and updating the asteroid belt with animation. Also, we have unlocked the hi-score table that recorded the player's top score within the demo. It will be awhile before releasing the demo. But we wanted to make sure that its in top quality both PC and the mobile version of the game. Until then, we'll give out any news or update when available.

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