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Trespasser on

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Just thought I'd plug this here.

Its a game that is nor easy to come by these days. There are not too many copies on ebay or amazon, or if there is sometimes be sold for am awful lot. Getting it on may take some time, but if does I'll buy anybody a copy that wants one.

Just need to go to the link above, sign up or login in, then vote on that page. Make sure to vote on the right Trespasser, as there are two wishes, vote for the one with the most votes, about 381 at the moment.

Trespasser - help and opening it up

arieas Blog

Been some time since I have posted anything about Trespasser anywhere. Mostly been just planning things and shaping areas so everything will fall into place.
I am looking for some help with it, mostly on the graphical side. 3d mostly, ranging from small props to vehicles. As eventually interior and exteriors will be cluttered with objects and detail, which itself is no small job, which is probably just a big a job as making all the crucial meshes such as the buildings (each one has separate rooms pieced together in the editor then visareas added, quite lengthy process).

I am planning on uploading it openly to github, so people can check it out and contribute where they feel they can. Perhaps make it a pretty open project in the long-run.
It is still on going, if slow. It was more of a personal project initially, though I'd much rather like to share it as soon as possible in what ever way.

Trespasser remake

arieas Blog

Currently working on a form of a Trespasser remake, and at the moment might keep it just to these posts rather than a new page for now till I get some content finished.
Here I thought I would just outline the plans and a small introduction to it.

The initial plan is to first recreate the core areas, such as the town, docks, geothermal plant and labs etc. The player should then be able to start from the beach and get right to the summit in one long trek.
Afterwards it'd be adding any puzzles, which should be somewhat simple with flowgraphs, and will either be following clues mostly or through a system of keypads and keys, which can be copy pasted for each set-up.
Vegetation would come next, and finally the non-crucial props that fill in the areas.

As much of the original plans (from the Trespasser walk through developer document) would be recreated. So that includes the plains, plantation house area and pine valley of course.

One crucial goal is to provide it all with the much updated detail. Effectively each area would receive a overhaul, while still maintaining a recognisable look as seen in the original Trespasser.

You may be wondering about dinosaurs. They would probably be the last element to add. While its not impossible, they would be more time consuming than anything to work on with each one needing to be modelled, textured, animated and AI coded, it'd be hugely time consuming and I don't particularly have the skills at the time. Getting others on board would of course help, though for now quite happy doing all the work myself.

Here finally is a rough map overview of Sorna. The paths are quite distinct though in time would eventually be worked in to make them blend into the terrain, so it appears much less artificial.

Sorna map locations update

I'll provide updates when I can, and if I build up enough content I'll be putting up a page. I'll be continuously working on it throughout the year.

Data loss!

arieas Blog

To anyone reading this. Before you read on. Backup all unrecoverable data you have now. Mods, photos, etc stuff that cannot be replaced, re-downloaded etc. :D

Had a data loss, a rather random one. Lost a bit of mod work. Nothing too drastic, not like custom rigged character or weapons, just static mostly untextured models. Thankfully also, blessing in disguise, lost files meaning I am going to go through a redesign rather than stick a rather bland design, so the files would have probably been scrapped anyway. It has made me rethink a lot of designs.

Lost some work for something else, quite a lot, thankfully most of the models were just blocked out buildings.
Also lost a pretty good damn kukri, I was just in the middle of texturing. But none of the other weapons went.
Lost a few cry files too, nothing major though.

Lost a few games, from Electronic Arts, NFS, MOH: Airborne, and some files for the crysis editor.

Finally lost MakeHuman folder, all Project64 (n64 emulator) files and a lot of Left 4 Dead files too oddly enough.
No idea what caused such random file corruption. At least it was no major loss, a few hours or days setback for some development. Just a bit annoying I have recreate some things again which were nearly finished before.

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