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To preface: I don't know how many of you guys ever played CoD4 before so you may or may not know what maps I'm talking about. Still, it was a pretty epic experience that I had, and I wanted to share it.

Urban zone. Buildings are falling apart and lines of sight are incredibly clear. You could cover a whole street and part of the building beyond it with your weapon. Anyway, the gamemode was Headquarters. Think capture the flag, except you gain points for how long you hold the HQ (you can hold it for a minute max). My team was already on the capture point, so I decided to keep the enemy from reaching us. And I did.

I went through a main street. Firing was coming from the ground around the corner, so I sprinted, jumped and laid waste to the dude hiding by the car with my P90. Heading into the building nearby, I pulled out my Desert Eagle, ideal for long shots. As the enemy still didn't know where I was, I was relatively safe. I picked off several of the enemy with long-range pistol shots before they finally caught on. I pulled in a UAV (3 kill streak) and immediately saw where the enemy was. Moving to another room, I shot two more opponents to gain the Airstrike (5 kill streak). I launched that and went back to my previous position. By this time the enemy was trying to shoot through the walls. They still couldn't kill me. So I stood back up and shot an enemy running towards our HQ. With one more kill gained (either from airstrike or pistol, I can't remember) I pulled in the Helicopter (7 kill streak). In fact we did so good that capture round that they never destroyed that Headquarters we defended. From then on, I was number two on my team for the rest of the game. Reason? The teammate in front of me had capped nearly every place we had (which gives the capper some points). Between the two of us we killed close to seventy opponents in one match. Needless to say, it was an epic match.

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