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Tomb Raider: Wings Of Apocalypse

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There is a reason no one likes the "bus stop" save system in this game, but it could have been so much worse. It feels like a waste of time when you fall down off a building and have to work your way back up where you were. My biggest concern for this way of saving is that the player feels like he/she can't try something out because he/she will probably die and have to redo it. This has been said before, but you were supposed to be able to save at the mansion, but you could not. There were some overlooked things, like an area outside the motel that had nothing in it, an empty sea, which means that there were no plants or junk, plus it was way too clear for New York. I don't know if it is possible to make the water less clear, but for reality sake, it needed to look dirtier. There was also a laser-protected uzis that I could not find a way to get into. I think the level would benefit from more to do and a normal save system. The levels looked very beautiful and I especially liked the sky in both levels. I found it funny that New Yorkers would just throw away packs of cigarettes, given how very expensive they are! I also enjoyed the dive bar with the old tune. The secrets were much too easy to find and weren't really much of secrets, except for a few. I thought the audio was quite good, especially the great sounding thunder, however, Lara sounded like a clomping horse, even on the grass! She's not that heavy. For the upcoming levels, I hope that the authors trash the bus stop save system and develop more satisfying puzzles and gameplay. They obviously have a firm grasp on the editor, for the levels looked so good. Looking forward to the next installments!

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