Currently working as a coder, modeler, animator, general tweaker, texture artist, mapper for the 'Samurai: The Art of Battle' Mod. I'm also planning to create a Source rendition of the Metroid Prime storyline (new plot of course :P)

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Well as some people know, or may believe, the Samurai mod is dead. And it is, kind of.
Really it's because we're busy. Well me and Kenshi are anyway.

This was my first (real) crack at going through source, and I've really made a mess. Now, the problem is that I have no time to just start again, but I know I will eventually.

Once I get that going, it'll be running in power-saving mode till I get something worthwhile to work on. One other problem is that we never really got any models that were finished, or were being finished. There was one conflict with Kenshi and a modeller in the team (who if I say so myself was a pretty nice guy). Now this was the only public conflict, well at least public as in, within the actual forums. I have no idea how many conflicts actually happened within the team, and if this broke up, or if it was just a lack of intrest. If anyone wants to ask, the conflict was actually because of a misunderstanding that was only really corrected after the modeller left.

I don't know how this is going to work, but instead of trying to bring a dead horse alive (as a zombie, morelike), you can always just buy a new horse. And like they say, time is money.

- Anti

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