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6:49AM - 4th October - 1586 - Diary Of Sir Walter Shock

The castle of Lumbridge wasn't as amazing as the Imperial Tower, it certainly
took on a nice appearance from the outside with the snow, but inside there was
nothing too spectacular to mention. We entered the throne room of Narvina Carvain,
but were not greeted. I had met Narvina earlier in 1574 and she hasn't changed
at all. She is an arrogant and self-centered woman, but at least she isn't
evil. We asked if we could have permission to some supplies and spare men for
our cause, but she had none of it, just as I expected from her. Not even having
Steph'nie with us would convince her, she had heard of his exploits and knew of
Haventon, but she simply replied that she couldn't afford to give us anything.
Without saying goodbye we left, we wanted to leave Lumbridge as soon as
possible since we felt we were not welcome.

Once outside, we set out to gather more men for our army. With the town being
isolated and in the mountains, many citizens found their lives boring. The view
was nice, but seeing it every day made it lose its charm. When we went around asking
for recruits we had a handsome amount of men join for the cause, a grand total
of 742 men now. Our last destination was Falador, and after organising and equipping
the men, we headed for the tavern for a small drink before departing from the

3:54AM - 5th October - 1586 - Diary of Sir Walter Shock
Falador is an interesting town to say the least, it has everything you could imagine
like a Thieves Guild, a Black-market, a Cathedral, a Doctor’s Office and a Town hall.
It manages to be in a good location, and it is often a stop-off point for travelers that need to sell or just
somewhere to sleep the night, because it is in-between the three main cities,
with many roads leading nearby it. Luckily it has a Fighters guild, where tough
men go to find postings to join fights or armies. With almost no effort, as we
entered the town a huge row of tough men approached us and asked Steph'nie what
he was doing here. Steph'nie told a condensed version of the story of Haventon
to which the prospecting men seemed both happy and sad. They knew we had fight
positions available and where happy to join, but they were just as sad as
anyone else who knew of the town. It only took about an hour for our army to reach
1500 strong, and with that we visited the towns tavern for a victory drink. We
promised the men that if they fought for us in Riften and Haventon, and we
managed to reclaim it we would erect a statue in the center of town, with all
of their names inscribed onto it for future generations to see, and with that
we sat down to a drink of the towns finest mead.

It was amazing to think 1500 men joined us for no
pay, just to join the legacy of Steph'nie, to which we were all amazed by, but
knowing Steph'nie for all these years, I can see just why they want to fight alongside
him. With his courage, resistance to pain or disease, and pure unbeatable
strength, no one in the land would dare to attack him, except of course Sir
Edward Griefer, who sent in his men to fight before cowardly arriving in an armored
carriage, while Steph'nie would charge ahead of any man and be the first to taste
the enemies blood and fear, as they saw him charging at them. After we finished
our mead, we left the tavern, purchased more food and water to feed our army on
the way to Riften, and departed. We had no reason to visit the town leader,
since our business was finished.

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