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I'm back

aNewHope Blog

Modding news, I have removed 3 of my mods, for a complete makeover, I'm going to make the mods better than they were, and I will rerelease them, so stay tuned, also a new mod will be coming out for Max Payne 3 so keep your eyes out, don't forget that the Payne Hair Mod will also be redone, and I've devoted to making a Die Hard Max Payne special which was meant to be released last month.

PAYNE HAIR Mod for Max Payne 3 Avaliable.

aNewHope Blog

Go ahead and check out the mods section for Payne Hair, I have made It available for download, enjoy! and don't forget I still have more mods coming for Max Payne 3! so the future mods aren't only player related they're also companion related!

Payne Hair Mod Coming Soon

aNewHope Blog

Keep your eyes out for the new Payne Hair mod for MAX PAYNE 3, this mod will feature of coarse as the title states hair for bald Max, Max will never be bald, I also some torso swaps and and leg swaps that are suitable, I'll upload the features as soon as possible.

Mod Available

aNewHope Blog

The Holiday Max Payne mod has been uploaded you can get it now in the addons section or the mod page itself, enjoy! And as promised I'll try to upload pics of that upcoming surprise I had in store for you guys.

New Mod For Max Payne 3

aNewHope Blog

I have found something very very interesting for Max Payne fans, lets just keep it a secret until I plan on posting it, expect a screenshot very soon, I'll be uploading the download file for Holiday Max I just have to stabilize my connection to upload the file, it'll be there don't worry and the upcoming Mod will be expected by the end of this week.

First Mod

aNewHope Blog

Hello everyone I'm back after a long while, I have been researching some of Max Payne 3's RPF files and I have come out with my first ever cosmetic mod, please bear with me I am planning on releasing gun textures and newer Max models and custom work.

Shout out to my friends:





aNewHope Blog

Hi I'm subway drake as you may know me but my real name is Paul and I'm from Panama my purpose is to encourage users and so on You'll see a lot on my profile.

My mod still needs alot of time and effort for now I'm leaving modding....
The music you are hearing is MAX: PANAMA By: HEALTH, it's an awesome soundtrack.

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