My first introduction to computer games came over 15 years ago with the addition of an Amstrad to our home. As the machines have improved, so have the games, and I have been following their development as I too was growing up. From the simple task of moving boxes about the screen all the way through to the almost true-to-life visuals we experience today, I have watched as games have improved in ways I couldn’t have imagined as a child. This close link with the progression of gaming led me to become ever more intrigued by the mechanics behind the finished product. During my adolescence I spent my time learning the creative processes that the digital world can offer, including: web design, programming and 3D modelling. Above all else, however, my true passion has remained games design and I have undertaken years of education and training at school, college and university level, in order to equip myself with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.

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So, over the last 6 months or so I've been working on a HL2 mod named Centralia with my friend Oli. This was primarily for a university project in which we could choose any subject we enjoyed and dedicate our final-year project on it (equivalent to a dissertation).

I've wanted to create a full HL2 mod for years but having only mapping and texturing experience made this fairly difficult. Since going to uni however I've learnt some new skills like modeling which have enabled me and Oli to gain the required experience to take a shot at creating a mod and the final-year project was the perfect opportunity.

It's now May and our project was submitted a short while ago so the university aspect of the project is complete. We have created the first two levels for the game and have since decided to release these two levels as part 1 of the game.

Check out the Centralia page for news and updates. We plan on releasing part 1 within the next few days so keep your eyes peeled!


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