I am an Indie game designer based in the UK. I have recently graduated from University with a first class honours in game design. Now I am following my passion for creating fun and unique games and learning all of the skills necessary to create new and fun gaming experiences. My current specializations are in Unity3D with c# and JavaScript, Sound design, Foley recording and music design for games, basic 3D modelling and texturing in 3DS max. I have good knowledge of the Adobe Suite especially Photoshop, After Effects and Audition. I have also worked with UDK, CryEngine and Hammer in the past as well as LightWave3D9. My interests in game design are in level design and sound design for games. Other interests of mine are Metal gigging, Motorsports, Gaming and creative writing. I am hoping to make it big in games with the smallest team (one!) Please feel free to contact me if you would like any help, to collaborate or extra pair of hands for a project!

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Iv'e decided to join moddb today in an effort to promote some of my work and find like-minded people who have a passion for games development. I have started posting some examples of my work from the project on my second year of uni. I am in need of learning more 3D software as I feel totally inexperienced on most parts of it such as modelling however I feel I have a good knack for 3D design and level design as it interests me so I am going to continue building levels and environments in UDK and other engines.

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