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de armshouse v1a8

I have been working on this map for quite some time now, slowly, but its being made.

Yesterday i released a big update changing lots of stuff from previous versions! consider following me for constant updates and new things i make! :)

Workshop page: Steamcommunity.com

check the changes below copied directly from the steam page:

I added and changed:
-changed minimap & added spectator map
-changed skybox
-changed lighting
-added rain in some areas
-added a window to factory building
-added dynamic lighting (ex: when opening doors)
-added door sounds
-replaced bridge supports on both sides
-fixed 'some' windows
-Fixed overall interior lighting
-Removed a static building and added a whole new one next to 'A' site wich is enterable and has a extra story + 2 windows.
-Made the floor next to 'A' site a displacement to try and not give 'A' site a 'flat' feel.
-Added scenery to CT spawn
-removed static walls next to spawns
-added a whole new building on a rooftop (decoration)
-added decoration at T spawn construction site
-changed skybox decoration with factories & extra detail on the rooftops
-Buildcubemaps this time (lol)
-added a new building connecting 'red house' and office
-Modified the vent at 'A' site, now has sound, smoke, and a ladder.
-Removed arch at 'gardens' (people got stuck) now more open.
-added a plank at 'B' site
-Proper ilumination in 'Bar' area
-level is now less dark in interior areas for improved visibility
-Fixed doors getting stuck on its frames
-Fixed map exploits (haha good luck!)
-Level now has a semi-rainy mood
-Fixed windows having improper textures
-Fixed some obvious nodraw textures on some brushes you could clearly see.
-Removed batman simbol
-Removed unecessary 'secret' grafiti
-Added custom grafiti texture's
-Added callouts!
-Removed custom skybox texture (Now using stock csgo skybox due to a bug causing the skybox not to get packed, hopefully find a fix soon)
-Stairs now have propper clipping
-Fixed gardan fiolage
-Fixed vents not breaking in some instances
-retextured buildings at 'A' site.
-Added support for deathmatch & armsrace gamemodes
-changed 'bar' window
-Added player clips on top of lamps (no more jumping you sneaky beaky bunny's!)
-Overhauled bot NAV mech manually, (So no more getting stuck on boxes! hopefully... .-. )
-Added scenery on top of rooftops near warehouse
-Tried to optimize the map a bit with hint brushes, for what it is worth.
-Some areas are better optimized and give better fps (Spawns however, do not , recommended *NOT* to play on a potato 4gb 1 gb vram pc competitively!)

-Added more scenery & Added more scenery & Added more scenery. The map should not look as flat as it did the previous version.

***To do:***
+ Fix some cutting edges
+ Fix some props with improper lighting
+ Fix some windows never breaking
+ Fix some small gaps near 'A' site
+ Fix some clipping
+ Get rid of the leftover generic warhouse texture that the previous version was plagged with.
+ Add more ambient sound
+ Make the map a tiny bit less blocky

I am gonna get to these changes when i have the time, i really wanted to release an overdue update as fast as i possibly could, since i am very unpleased by my previous version! i am most certianly, gonna replace lots of static buildings with something more dynamic. But shouldn't affect gameplay that much unless wanted ofcourse.

Thx for playing! :)

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