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Napoleonic Total War 3

Mod review

The Good
Awesome units, like, really good. I really like the units. Alot.
Great musket effects sound/smoke
Realistic Accuracy- as in nigh-unreasonably low, just the way it should be but as such battles are super long-be warned
Good casualty ratio; you don't need to knock off half a unit of militia before they get the idea to flee
The Bad
-sigh.......... the fatigue system... is so bad
'Realism' doesn't count if you're making exhausted retreating soldiers literally slower than a normal marching speed
All unit movement is consigned to walking or they'll get tired and exponentially more useless/slow at each level of tiredness. Forget all swift battle movements or even letting your cavalry run. Further, once the battle begins your units are basically nailed in place because they've made it so firing will tire your troops too. It's heartbreaking that the fatigue system completely breaks battles in a beautifully made mod like this.

-Unit caps on everything-I mean everything. Elite Units, yeah, I understand limiting them, but every single unit (on every faction)is limited, and this arbitrary limit will hamstring your ability to expand past a certain point (unless you play france: roster is enormous) something that is a particular pain on the minor factions-why even bother letting us play Sicily if we can only ever train 1 and a half stacks of regular soldiers and maybe one more of militia? Spain was slightly better but if you're actually having a war (in a game called total war go figure) inevitably you start filling up stacks with militia because its all you can train even though I have a fat treasury

-Cannons are pitiful-slow as legless cats, don't do any meaningful damage (1-2 kills per shot, sends men flying without killing them)

-AI can't handle any of this and is less competent than a lobotomized sloth

Get this mod for multiplayer and only suffer minor brain damage from the clops of retreating soldiers moving in slo-mo and absorbing half the lead you're trying to fling into the enemy beyond them, otherwise prepare for a full-on aneurysm if you try playing single-player. The ONLY way to prevent throwing yourself off a bridge is to get Bran Mac Born's single player settings from the TWC, and even then I'd recommend rooting around the files yourself because Mcborn, while fixing the most irritating problems, does nothing for the multiplayer/custom battles, and he took away multiple rows of musketmen firing at once, one of the few game play aspects I actually enjoyed in the default mod, and he didnt' fix the gripe of unit caps in the campaign.

4/10 beautiful looking mod, but I wouldn't recommend to anyone that isn't feeling particularly masochistic


Gothic TW: Chronicles of Myrtana

Mod review

Seriously the coolest campaign map in a mod for m2tw smashing work on that.
beyond that unit variety needs work (assassin roster all units are nearly identical)
and more context in the descriptions - I haven't played the gothic games and all I can glean from the descs about say, steark, is that its a bloody great fortress: I still don't understand why there are a bunch of feudal lords on that island or anything so.. just generally more words and context would be smashing

Keep up the good work

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