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After playing System Shock 2 Infinite, I've thought about Doom3. In some ways they are quite similar: dark corridors of human-built environment, survivalism, lockers with codes, computers and so on. Of course, these are two different type games: Doom3 is mostly one-way shooter, System Shock 2 mostly allows player to choose waypath, gameplay tactics and character skills development strategy.
But Doom3 has assets that could be used in some kind of System Shock remake. System Shock 1 was rereleased recently - but it's really old, and for modern players it's hard to get to it. There were tryings to get SS1 modernised via Revert3D engine by direct conversion, but it has no progress for a quite of a time. There's even remake of it called "Citadel", created on Unity5 engine. But the same as remakes of SS2 on other engines (Source, and most incredible - CryEngine realisation, that I'd recommend to llook on YouTube, hackkker), they could be blocked by IP owners.
And on the other hand there is Dark Mod - "Thief" inspired modification for Doom3, that became stand-alone free game. It took "thief" gameplay mechanics - and then there was only need for a new maps, that income quite frequently, if I'm not wrong. So, probably, while you copy concept of a gameplay it's quite OK, then when you make a direct plagiat. Why don't we use it for Doom3?

Imagine: you will have ability to hack lockers; medkit terminals will be modified not only to heal you, but also to upgrade your skills. Doom3 even has enough space for magic (a.k.a. psy-powers): remember the SOUL CUBE? or Demon Heart? Of course, you need to hold it in two hands, but in System Shock 2 and Bioshock it was the same thing, you coudn't hold weapon and use magic in the same time. Sure, we can make one-hand magic to combine it with pistol and flashlight.

There is game, similar to SS2 and BS1/2 by gamedesign of weaponry, it's Clive Barker's Undying (I'd really love to see it in redone in HD). So, we could take some scrye (night vision analogue), invoke (similar to control but with already dead ones - become the zombie master!) and scull storm - imagine flying head around you, going for any enemy in sight? There could be a lot magic in D3, so that Quake Guy would jump of the slipgate trying to kill you as he will think you're one of the Shambler witchers!

I already imagine this kind of powers:

  • Shield - like in Q3
  • Control - remember demons fighting each other when they got misshit?
  • Invisibility - stealth action! invisible rambo!
  • Invulnerability - D3:RoE
  • Berserk - D3:RoE; Quad Damage!
  • Haste/Slow time - D3:RoE
  • Fire line - idea from Archvile;
  • Summoning - idea from Archvile;
  • Mass destruction - D3!
  • Single unit destruction - Fireballs from usual demon up to Hellknight;
  • Shocking, Freezing, slowing down etc.
  • Enlight - see in darkness
  • Revive
  • Skull guardians
  • Telekinesis - gravity gun features, would be fun to have it along weapon handling;
  • And so on...

So, for this idea there must be:

  • Magic skills invented and added to the list of artifacts superpowers;
  • Upgrade system invented - will it be inner, EXP-based (you kill mfs, you get points to spend it on skills/magic) or it's outer, quest-based (you get skill points by script);
  • Some RPG system;
  • Some inventory system;
  • Weapon upgrade system - more ammo, different types of ammo, scopes, laseraims and whatever;

I don't like idea of player cannot use weapon if he has no skill of it - when STALKER developers thought on RPG system, they decided not to use it as anyway player would master his game skill along playing, but forcing player to play worse feels stupid. I believe that's why total weakness of Penumbra or althetime madness of Call of Cthulhu player feels weird - damn, you are armed with hammer and you can't kill fucking dog, which is same fragile as you are, actually?! damn, you see weird shit all the time, but you're still going mad? Probably, that's why I like Quake and Doom3 - you see crazy hellish/cthulhish/stroggish shit of your worst nightmares, but you gather your shit together and reload your shotgun again and again. In "Aliens vs. Predator" 1&2 player had both powerful guns and control over it, but still it was scary game.

I'd suppose something like that (SS2 inspired):


  • Strength - melee combat and carrying size;
  • Agility - speed, jumping, reloading etc;
  • Endurance - health, protection;
  • Psychics - magic strength
  • Technics - technical skills

Quite simple isn't it? First triad is universal (it can even be setup at the beginning of the game, or thrown away to have predictable gameplay...), psychic skills allows you to cast better spells, technic skills allows you to maintain, modify and repair weapons. Psychic and technical skills are conditions for weapon and spell upgrade - you can use weapon or spell, but if you have not enough skill point, you would not be able to upgrade to 2nd or 3rd level, or even to modify if it's complex spell or weapon (BFG!).

Well, there can be invented something better, of course. Bioshock or similar game (like Dishonored) should be checked for ideas. But it's just a concept anyway.

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