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Homeworld 2 Strike Craft Squads

Before going into the rush with making squads of taiidani fighters and corvette, we need to check what HW2 originally had, so we could compare, so we could have "golden" example. Like in Blizzard's WarCraft3 it was Human faction that was used to check the overall balance.

So, here will be the list with HW2 strike craft costs with additional division to see how much each unit costs.


  • Scout: 350 / 3 = 115
  • Interceptor: 500 / 5 = 100
  • Bomber: 550 / 5 = 110
  • Gunship: 625 / 3 = 210
  • Pulsar Gunship: 625 / 3 = 210
  • Minelayer: 800


  • Scout: 350/3 = 115
  • Assault Craft: 500 / 7 = 70
  • Bomber: 550 / 6 = 90
  • Lance Fighter: 500 / 5 = 100
  • Missile corvette: 625 / 4 = 155
  • Laser corvette: 650 / 4 = 160
  • Command corvette: 400
  • Minelayer: 800

So, we can see, that HW2 game designer(s) were aiming for the following prices:

  • Special units: 350, small squad;
  • Interceptors (antistrike craft): 500;
  • Bombers (anticapital craft): 550;
  • Corvettes: 625;
  • Minelayers: 800;

It's a pity, that HWRM didn't make possibility of having HW1 style gameplay - with non-squad units - for Hiigara and Vaygr, and vice versa for Kushans and Taiidans...

Taiidani Strike Craft: Fighters

So, now let's think of taiidani conversion to HW2 system.

Before we go on, there are things that makes different. In HW1, as in usual RTS, there were general unit limit for each class, and balancing happened counting overall value of each unit. In HW2 we have quite the same system, but now includes squads. And as counting is now in squads, it brings new scale for balancing - unit number in squad. Unit itself might be powerful, but if they have some disadvantages, would you spend low number of squads for the squad that is not that useful? So it may effect cost of the unit.

For example, scouts have EMP after upgrade, so that in numbers they can disable even frigate (or destroyer, if taken everything); they are speedy and farseeing. But, as they have only three units with low damage, they cost 350 and are used in support role positions. If we count in separate units, they cost more, but in squads they cost less as they are specific units.

Also different number for units in class can be counted as another one balance fine tuning (vaygr strike craft number vs H).

Also talking about fighters, I wish to make HWC reference in researches for fighters: Fighter Drive research leads to Advanced Fighter Drive; Fighter Chassis leads to Advanced Fighter Chassis. But as speed is now not so battle affecting (dices, chances to hit... or I'm not right?) in HW2, I'm afraid that fighter armor upgrade would OP tdn_fighters.

On the other hand, it can raise light interceptors on the level of vaygr assault craft; and for heavy interceptors - they would start from hiigarian interceptor level to become superior, though not so fast. And planned upgrade is x1.3, not x1.5 of HWR (or even 2.5 for defender). Well, it have to be tested.

Light Interceptor (Scout)

HW1: 35; HWR: 90;

In HWR Scout was introduced in a same role of regular hiigarian/vaygr recoinassance units, the idea of which was taken from HWC Somtaaw recon. But original HW1 scout (defined in source files and scetches as Light Interceptor) wasn't intended to act this way. There was nothing to search, as everything was shown on the radars (especially with Sensors Array), and gamers went on using scout as resource war interceptor - fast, cheap and quickly running away. Like zerling of StarCraft. So if we think in squads, then closest analogue will be vaygr assault craft - cheap and highnumbered.

So I think of returning scouts their original name - Light Interceptor, it will be first battle craft of taiidani after Fighter Engine research (well, we need to give time to H&V to build their factories). To follow canon, it will have faster engines then usual interceptors and to compensate it will do less damage then vaygr assault craft. Like Hit&Run; fighters. Of course, it appears that with the same price they are weaker then VAC (that are weaker then Hiigarian Interceptors...), but they will have chance to run away especially with their special ability.

So, HW2TP price is: 500/7, role: enemy fighter blocker, resource war executer;

Heavy Interceptor (Interceptor)

HW1: 55; HWR: 100;

In HW1 Interceptor was all-purpose fighter: you need to eliminate fighters? Done! Corvettes? Done! Frigates? Done! Destroyers? Well, umm, okey, done... In HWC with all-purpose somtaaw acolytes, that were mixture of interceptor and light/heavy defender, in mission01 you had a chance of exterminating carrier with heavy cruiser. That's all because of HW1 "fair bullet system", where ships weren't playing dices: fighters were fast and maneurable enough to get out of cannon sight, so they lived a lot longer then in HWR. In HW1R I refused to build anything but bombers for the Ghostship, as everything but the heavy & multigun corvettes died in a blink of an eye (in previous missions). Probably, squad system was introduced as a possibility to make fighters live longer (also, to make control easier). Also, again it approves concept of H for civilization, as they have great number of frigates to fight strike craft; and V for pirateborns/barbarians as they arise from strike craft overusage... But let's return to Taiidans.

If T light interceptor was lighter then V assault craft, then I want to make T heavy interceptor heavier then H interceptor. First of all, it's in its name - "heavy interceptor". Second, it's fucking Triikor, one of the most famous Homeworld ship designs. And third, it should follow HW1 path. So, I'd him better attack against corvettes, so it would not beat them like Lance fighter, but it could hold enough, so the player is not shitting his pants seeing antifighter corvettes. But everything has its price...

So, HW2TP price is: 550/5, role: anti strike craft, fighter humilator;

Attack Bomber

HW1: 85; HWR: 120;

Well, this is kinda most standard unit to recreate. Two options: Vaygr path or Hiigarian path, 6 vs. 5 squad system. Probably, 5 spaceships, as kushans copypasted taiidans, and hiigarians are kushans after Homeworld War... But, this "attack" thing, and do taiidani need for anti-modular research?..

So, HW2TP price is: 550/5, role: anti capital fighter;


HW1: 65; HWR: 120;

This one is harsh. This is supporting fighter. In case you need to guard some frigate or bigger ship, this one is for you. Or you need defence from the sudden attack... So, as anti-fighter role is already taken, I'd make this fighter similar to HW2 platform weapons (actually, it looks like platforms are defender evolution). Like if you need quick and effective response to light interceptor or bomber attacks - squad of 3 defenders for 350! Usual platforms are 300, btw. But these ones are also moving without restriction...

Or you need full scale squad? Needs to be tested. Or does it need separate platform section?......

So, HW2TP price is: 350/3, role: supporter, anti-fighter, anti-corvette;
So, HW2TP price is: 500/4, role: supporter, anti-fighter, anti-corvette;

Defence Fighter

HW1: 85; HWR: 130;

In HW1 defence fighter was eliminating projectiles - now only missiles. But we must admit that number of missiles in HW2 has increased very much. Vaygrs use them very much - and Hiigarians have some torpedoes too. Taiidani/Kushani missile destroyer is also dangerous thing.

Taiidani suffer from reconnaissance unit absence. Well, as it's used purely for no attack, the same as scout, I would add him speed and sensor range: after all it looks like soviet sputnik. :) But it will be late game "scout", as its research can be put only after fighter drive research. After canon - it's researched only after fighter chassis...

...As taiidani minelayer corvette don't clean up mine fields, I believe this function should be added to defence fighter - mine is modified missile after all...

So, HW2TP price is: 350/3, role: reconnaissance, support, anti-missile;

Cloaked Fighter (Kushan)

HW1: 85; HWR: 130;

Of course, it's not taiidani ship, but I'd talk about it. Just got it in HWRM campaign and thought what shit it has become. In HW1 it was quite useless ship, as everything was done by more simple and cheap ships: scouts did resource war, interceptor did dogfighting, so initial role of cloaked fighter was actually taken. It's advantage - permanent stealth (well, fuel was the reason to come back to base) wasn't so useful, as radars already showed everything (+sensors array...), and spending a lot of resources for hidden attack of not so fast fighter... Well, doesn't look interesting. Better to build 20 scouts, speed burst, destroy resource base, and dock.

In HWC, due to fuel removal (HW2 has taken this feature also), Cloaked Fighter (Beast version) appeared with slooooowly going down cloaking bar. And as radar has become less "seeing" - we've seen only our ships sensors ranges (HW2 has taken this feature also...) - it has become useful. Until Somtaaw developed advanced sensors...

Now cloaked fighter is slow (bomber like), low-damage (scout-like), and expensive. What are the advantages? Well, short time of cloak! So, it won't be like you send them to operation and enable stealth-mode - no, you have to enable it directly before enemy. WTF?! So, reconnaissance and resource war role is not for cloaked fighter anymore. What's left? Is it good fighter? Low damage shows that it's not. Well, maybe it's likely to live more with stealth enabled - it show up in attack, then disappear, enemy fighter don't aim, and when they do it's too late already...

I really don't know what could be done with it. It should be speeded up, or stealth ability raised, or damage raised (like F117) or else. Well, if it would be fighter similar to interceptor but with permanent invisibility on secondary sensors (and shown on primary sensors - "eye contact"), then it would already become nice covert ops unit. Or just make usual scout analogue of it. With stealth - to be invisible probe :)

--So, HW2TP price is: 550/5, role: ???
--So, HW2TP price is: 350/3, role: reconnaissance, resource war;

Taiidani Strike Craft: Corvettes

Light Corvette

HW1: 135; HWR: 250;

I believe that this corvette should become "bomber" killer. Like light interceptor, it the first machine made with corvette drive, so it has to have lower armor, lower damage then average corvette, but fast enough to have no mercy for bombers running away. It will be good enough to fight with fighters, but not superior.

Main role of this craft is to hit running strike craft as much as possible (speed must be lower then bomber's, but enough to hold in the tail hurting them badly). Also, same as light interceptor, they would be successful resource collector executers.

To compensate weak armor, there will be 4 units in squad.

So, HW2TP price is: 625/4, role: resource war, bomber humilator;

Heavy Corvette

HW1: 240; HWR: 270;

Heavy corvettes must be anti-corvette/ anti-capital craft. Analogue of Pulsar Corvettes and Laser Corvettes.

To follow idea of a "fat bastard" it should be a little slower and tougher then usual corvette, but it a right choice for big fish hunters.

So, HW2TP price is: 650/3, role: anti-corvette, anti-capital (anti-frigate);

Multigun Corvette

HW1: 225; HWR: 300;

Clearly this is anti-fighter thing, grammaton cleric of corvette class. This is a little bit more anti-fighter corvette, so price is a little bit higher.

So, HW2TP price is: 650/3, role: anti-fighter;


HW1: 275; HWR: 340;

Well, classical minelayer corvette. In HW2 his price for 1 unit is 800, so I see not reason why it should be 340 for taiidani. If it was weakened then it must be strengthened back to regular stats. It's a pity that this minelayer unlike H&V versions can't shoot down mines, so I believe Defence fighter should gain this ability... Or add such possibility to taiidani minelayer - there fucking horns now everywhere, they should have put some laser instead...

So, HW2TP price is: 800/1, role: anti-capital;

Salvage Corvette

HW1: 220; HWR: 250;

I don't really know what to do with this guy: should it be moved to another "utility (corvettes)" class of ships as it should be built one-by-one, thus occupying fast all corvette squads: for example, marine frigate could be 4 of 21 to be succesful; 1 to capture frigate (1/21); in case of salvette, it is 2 (1/7), not so fair, especially if we allow to have the same number of salvettes (14) thus occupying all corvette slots. On the other hand it could be fast-building ship to hold near carrier or MS, to be used as fast as possibru; also increase of corvette squads (16?) number for taiidani could be nice bonus...

Well, gotta think of it, and test. Price left as it is set in HWR.

So, HW2TP price is: 250/1, role: texas-hold-em;

Repair Corvette

HW1: 150; HWR: 250;

Well, this one definetely needs to be removed from battle corvettes as it is lonely medic. This unit ability is kinda half of H/V res.collector abilities (another one feature from HWC...), so it should be placed in "utility (corvette)" class, and given half price - 400/2 = 200.

Apart from that, as taiidani support frigate works fine with H/V fighter squads, I suggest returning back H/V support frigates would be just logical, being full analogue of T/K support frigate...

So, HW2TP price is: 250/1, role: repairer;

Capital Ships

We could go for more, but let's stop here...

HW2 Taiidani Capital Ships Researches

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