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- I've left the planet because I got tired. At some moment I've understood that there is too much wrong happening around - things that seemed to fade at Kharak and disappear in our crusade. Difficulties have hardened our life, death have risen the price of it. This forge have burned down husks of our souls. Weak went away - there were those who did it by himself, and there were those who became our guardian angels of fire and steel. And of this... Paradise... Home... We made Hell.

All this struggle, policy of conquering instincts, howling carelessness not even for the lives of hiigarian taiidans, but for kushan themselves. And for what? So that our society to break apart, crushing itself in intestine corporative kiith wars?.. Luxury of the palaces are so unlike breath of desert and humble kellia of spaceship... Sometimes I think, that Sajuuk have simply given us one more temptation, this time it was temptation of mercy. And now Jakuul is smiling in favour, looking at us...

- That's why You have chosen to leave to the space again?

- Yes. Life is simpler here: cold breath of Qwaar-Jet is hold by the mercy of Koshiir-Ra, men, that are clear of uncertainty of tomorrow to come, and that's why they are not playing intrigues. They love life in every its moment, they care of their brothers and comrades, and for me it is very important. I can't find it on Hiigara... At home...

- Every society builds its own rule of behaviour. Would You return back to Assam, few months later You find naive the crew of your ship. I, as officer, exist in the society of Sobani, and many think of us as too straight, as one-gyrus soldiers. But we are not, we learn, we fight ourselves to be better, every day. The understanding, that your comrades are the only men, that you must trust now, and only this can save your and not only your life; and sometimes only Sajuuk believes that you and your men will return alive...

I know what You are talking about, Somtaaw-sa, and I feel what You're talking about. Souls are purified in sufferings, but what suffering have kiith-sid?.. Luckily, kiith Soban protects all the kushans, not the separate kiith doings - we are neutral. Unluckily, we still train mercenaries...

- Yes, and kiith Somtaaw use this privilege with pleasure and gratitude.

- Forgive me Somtaaw-sa. I was wrong.

- ...What we would do without Sjetti techologies, if medieval rules of hiding knowledge would still be in charge? Would Nabaali win in Heretical Wars if they didn't share techologies with allies?.. But You are right, we have spent too much memories for unpleasant societies, and they are pulling us back, leaving dirty traces in the shining of our minds. We must change the place. Would you like to see the ship?

- It will be an honor for me to be under you command for this time...


- What do you think of our ship?

- It's very nice one.

- And like every ship it requires repair. How do you think, if, with the time, we replace absolutely all the parts of this ship with new parts will it remain the same "Silent Prayer"?

- What a strange question... I guess, yes.

- And if we take all these old parts and rebuild ship of them, would it be "Prayer"?

- Emm... Well, actually, first one can be considered as true "Prayer", but the second also can't be taken as a copy or another ship. Well, probably, yes, it would be a shitty, but "Prayer" version. Why do you asking me these questions?

- I'm thinking of our place in universe. Many years ago our race has been divided to the conquered and outcasts... Conquered majority has stayed at homeplanet, slowly assimilated by taiidans... Of course, it's never one-way path, and taiidani has taken a lot from hiigarians, especially their high rank people. We now believe in one God, for example - and it's just one obvious detail of a culture...

- Well, for you as keeper of "thousand religion" kiith must be obvious that it's not very uniting detail.

- We have lost our faith of Sajuuk, and scattered it into pieces. Now looking through them we see false mirroring of demons. While we smelled the sea of fire of Kharak, we had belief and I felt Sajuuk by our side. But what happened next...

- Taiidani empire crushed, Hiigara has become our world.

- Yes, exactly. And I am thinking of that billions of hiigarian taiidans. Many of them were ancestors of those hiigarians who stayed here.

- So what? They are assimilated now. They are not hiigarians, They are taiidani. We are true hiigarians.

- Unlike us they have always been hiigarians. Even if it's only first generation of living at the planet. We are now guests here. Lamb who have become the lion. We are ancestors of politics, high rank men who were responsible of decision which led us to this point of no return. Maybe, they even had no people support at this time. And our culture has been twisted many times away of original, so we don't remember it. But we come here and say that we are true hiigarians. What right do we have? What right do we have to treat these people as second sort citizens with no voting rights?

- The right of power. The same right Ristiu used against us. The justice has prevailed.

- Mad emperor has taken what he has deserved. And we've suffered the 3000 years old justice. But what about the mercy?

- You are the man of religion. You can talk about the mercy and love. I'm a soldier. I can talk about the duty and justice.

- Will you say this in Sajuuk's face when the time comes?..


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