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Having read another post on upcoming champions with tries to think outside the box, recalling those old and not so old classic ​action heroes, like Serious Sam, Duke Nukem, Lo Wang etc, I thought about one game that was very close to Id Software core games.


I'm talking about 'Prey'. I really feel very sad that there is/were that conflict of Human Head Studios and Bethesda, that lead to denying the heritage of the title, born in torment of development hell since 3D Realms, and building something completely new, I'm not questioning the quality of the new product by Arcane - but still it's Prey In the Name Only.

Old 'Prey' was kinda cool, kinda very close to the Quake 4, Doom 3 - well, yes, including it was using idTech4, and Human Head Studios was partly Raven Software, that id-satellite studio (well, at least in some it's life moments), and the game relied heavily on slipgates, I mean, portals! And now original title is abandoned.

Well, I'm thinking that current Id Software, that revives her old and new titles in a better quality, could obtain new IP from HHS (or in cooperation with it) - without the lost title, but like Gearbox did with Homeworld: Cataclysm rereleasing it as Homeworld: Emergence (due to strange title copyright problems), old 'Prey' could be renamed somehow - I dunno, 'The Hunt'. And that would lead for players to have old game in Gog and Steam (well, you know that new Prey rewrites the old one?), and for Id Software that would mean new possibilities in developing new games, not being stuck to old IPs, and of course, new champions. Like these two guys:

Prey and Hunter

Indian guy could have secret Icon of Sin skin with cry "Domasi Tawodi about to make you his bitch!". And Active ability to have shift gravity so that everyone flies :)

The Bounty Hunter guy could use some of his trailer arsenal.

And, yes, that not the only option.


John Romero's Daikatana could have an interesting potential if redone right.



And Ritual Entertainment's 'Sin' could share charismatic hero for championship: John R. Blade. As I recall, there was even demo of Sin II done on idTech4.



Also, there was the game "Magrunner: The Dark Pulse", which told us about the distant future, where some corporation under the hood of portal-like TV-show was planning to open portal to Cthulhu worlds. And this guy, Dax Ward, was one of the survivors of this successful attempt.
As QC is now strongly set in a world of Cthulhu,and this guys is somewhat of the same dimension as Slash/Anarki, it would be fun to meet him once in the planes of Dark God's twisted reality.

Dax Ward, The Magrunner


I believe, since upmentioned title are not really used, being consumed by FPS veteran Id Software for potential development would be better than nothing.

And have some champs from these.

Of course, IP holders might not agree on this :)

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