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Alike to the list of games I'd love to replay, I've decided to make a short-list of games I enjoyed on my phone/tablet (Android OS) and they were worth the money or time. Or both.

  • Magic 2015 - only available MtG game for Android; if you like MtG - go for it;
  • Carmageddon - after you complete all the tracks, it becomes boring; but while you're in progress...
  • Might&Magic: Clash of Heroes - this one looks like childish game, but it has a good gameplay with interesting puzzles;
  • Reigns - well, this one is fun, though I've never reached the high goal of the game, tricking the devil;
  • Stranger Things: The Game - free-to-play gem, try it;
  • Hearthstone - well, you know this, for sure, but those free-to-solve logical puzzle from the last update are amazing, so you should try it.
  • Banner Saga - until you get used to the battle system and how random events behave with your characters (like killing your most succesful guy in an after-battle dialog), only beautiful backgrounds can hold you to this game, but when you understand the rules, it's becoming very involving.

Will be updated. Sometimes.

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