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It's been a while since my last blog so I thought I would provide some updates for you.

As you all know, Christmas break is coming up and schools are giving out exams left and right. I've been extremely busy with homework and long-term assignments lately, mostly a product of teachers not spreading out their curriculums appropriately, so they try to cram all their quota of tests and quizzes down the students' throats the week before exams. So that's

Speaking of Christmas, this year might bring around even better sounds from myself as I will be getting some professional sound packs. You all know what this means...bigger explosions, more vehicles, and better weapon sounds. I've also been experimenting with different effects and filters to help make sounds for Xen npc's and such, so far to little success (any suggestions here would be appreciated). Makes me wonder how Valve did it in the first place.

The mod's been progressing nicely and we've had some people apply for positions on the team. As of the time of this writing, the team leader (and several other members) has been offline for most of the past few weeks, so even though I may have answered, Boker still needs to approve your membership. Other than that little hiccup we have made significant progress, and I've been making more concept art.

I did find something interesting though. While I was working on some definitions on for one of my classes, I found an article about how the word "X-mas" came around. Intriguingly enough, the common assumption that it is a secular name for Christmas is false. Its origins actually lie within the early Greek Church, where the letter "X" was commonly used as a substitute for the word "Christ", therefore X-mas isn't anything bad, it's just a shorthand form of Christmas. Prety interesting, huh?

Wishing you all good luck on your exams and a Merry Christmas,

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