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I was recently pondering the endgame scenario for The Magnificence of Decay (or the lack thereof).

I decided that I don't need one. Because the true escape from virtual reality is not a bunch of events simulating the event; instead it is the simple act of pressing ESC, and clicking QUIT.

TMoD is a personal meditation on the nature of social media, the internet, and the important place physical media must forever hold in a stable society.

Just as I decided that dialogue was too intrusive, and usable PCs are a logical method of conveying information to the player, the removal of a literal endgame scenario is a natural outpouring of the vague design ethos which has led me to this point.

When we build space-ships and venture out into the galaxy, we don't expect to find a questline. Exploration of the new and the unknown is an end in itself. That feeling of meaningless joy and discovery is what I am trying to replicate in this mod.

I'm rambling. To be honest, I'm having issues writing PC UIs. But I think everything is going to work out. I'm going to make people smile, remind people of the joy of exploring the landscape of a dream.

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