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After finishing up The Magnificence of Decay, I've resumed work on Chocolate Sunday, my Cave Story mod, as well as taken on mapping duties for the Far Cry mod The Delta Sector 2.0

I'm quite happy with the volume of downloads TMoD is getting, although I do wish for more feedback. I haven't played the mod since I released it. I just felt like taking a break. I think time gives clearer perspective when it comes to self-criticism. TMoD is a remarkable achievement, as far as I am concerned. I created something which exceeded my original ambitions.

The Delta Sector is a different kettle of fish. I'm working on it, alternating with development on Chocolate Sunday. TDS needs polish, but the basic framework of the mod is already in place. Right now, I'm focused on making the mod more playable. My first big change was reducing the AI sound distance for all the silenced weapons. Previously, they were useless in a stealth context.

Chocolate Sunday is still clunky and fragmented, but I'm slowly building it into what I hope will be one of, if not THE most captivating Cave Story mod ever made. I'm carefully polishing the writing, trying to give the mod overlapping layers of meaning.

The part I'm most proud of is the extensive sequence in which the player takes control of Sue when she first arrived on the island. The flashback is depicted in black and white, which was a significant technical challenge given Cave Story's limited sprite and entity tables.

I'm hoping for an April Fool's 2013 release date. It should be a delicious prank to unleash a REAL Cave Story mod on a date usually reserved for prank mods.

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