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It's been a week since my last blog posting. What have I been doing, besides watching the mailbox with fear and dread for my life-destroying copy of Skyrim?

I've been hard at work on Chocolate Sunday. Here is a rough idea of my current progress.

Main Story: I've written a rough draft up to branching point midway. Will be designing intro sequence later today. Some bits of later story are already in place.

Sidequests: None functional yet. I have implimented my sidequest flag system, which allows them to be accepted in any order, without breaking anything. Five subquests have been written so far, and are in various states of implimentation. The finished mod will have 32 sidequests, with lots of variety.

Maps: So far, I've got Town, Graveyard, Plantation, Schoolhouse, Waterfront, Chiba's Shop, Booster's Lab, and Jenka's House. There is also SideQuestHandler, a dummy map used to run sidequest and plot status scripts.

Technical: I've pretty much overcome all the technical obstacles. Flags are fine, cutscenes are fine... I can't think of any outstanding complaints. My scripting is getting more proficent every day - just yesterday I worked out that closing message boxes is cleaner than clearing them.

PSP Port: a helpful chap on the Cave Story Tribute forums gave me pointers on porting to PSP. I managed the rest myself. He'll certainly get a mention in the credits.

I'll upload some screenshots before Christmas. I'm hoping to have the mod finished by February 2012.


Just a tip: Be careful while making side-quests.
If done badly they will be more of a bother then an asset.

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Ambient_Malice Author

Basically, I'm designing the game so completing Side-Quests progresses the main story. Sort of like Mass Effect 2. I'm trying to create lots of little vignette scenarios. For example, Chaba the Gaudi shop owner: (yes, I've been accidentally calling him Chiba for a while.)

His first quest is to get him the beast fang. (An item in Cave Story which was never used.) His second is to deliver catalogues. His third, and I'm kinda shy about spilling these beans... You have to help go to the Gaudi town, and buy some red flower seeds off a criminal element. But the deal goes sour, Misery turns up with Balrog, because Professor Booster sent them to destroy the seeds, and the Gaudi sic enraged Mimiga on the whole group. But in the lead up to this, you get to explore the Gaudi's town and such. What thrills me is that non-completionists might never see this side-quest, because they complete the main storyline by doing other side-quests.

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