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I haven't been working on Chocolate Sunday very much recently. That's my confession out of the way. I've been far too busy trying to get TMoD to a state where it's fit for release.
But I am still working on the project. I'm thinking about it as I lay awake at night. Occasionally jotting down a plot idea of a lyric or a joke which comes to me, and interests me enough to warrant inclusion in my pet project.
Chocolate Sunday.
I want to create something magical: something which gels with Pixel's Cave Story universe and feels enjoyable both as a game and as a story presentation. Which is curious, because I dislike presentations. I can't bear to see a powerpoint slide, but when you strip away the gameplay, a 2D platformer often consists of portraits popping up and text appearing with that 'brrr' sound common to Japanese visual novels. In fact, I've used VN-like techniques to overcome technical limitations of Cave Story modding. Why bother trying to animate a crazed mimiga when you can just fade to black and give a much more detailed description of what occurs, before fading back in and handing control to the player?

I can't help but see some similarities between myself and Konjak, -- -- the creator of Iconoclasts. Sure, he's way more talented. And his games are better than my attempts at modding. But his artistry is something I admire and aspire to.

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