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Update 0.0522012 Is Live Now!
Download it here: Bloodlines!


Settings menu has all kinds of options now.
The graphic settings should help lower end machines.
Invert mouse, sensitivity and a very basic gamepad implementation is in.
Volume controls are in, need testing.
Temporary outpost was put in just for the feels (Real outpost coming next update)
Pick a "Role" and a Master to serve now.
Utility missile set is in and can be used by picking Utility role.
Master choice will allow you to take less or additional damage, depending on the element you are hit with.
See the Bloodlines Trello for more info.


Initial view distance may not be up all the way for high end machines, just turn it up in the settings.
If you're having launcher trouble, try the full download.
The towers in the outpost are too high off the ground.

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