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Black Mesa

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At first i made a really nice review to this game mod. But then i advanced further in the game and i got really ****** off... Yeah its pretty and scenic , yeah most of the voice acting is great and the music is fantastic but there is a huge annoying gash that just makes the game ****!


Soldiers...Im fine with other critters plaing running to eat you but soldiers(well the alien soldiers suck in this department as well). Anyway so where were we? oh yeah - soldiers.... They. were. terrible. I felt like i was playing Soldiers of Fortune 2! All they did is snipe like crazy from miles away! Like literally, you can be hiding like mad with only the head of ur ***** hanging out from cover or moving like the wind and they will be just standing miles away with their back towards you and then they just 180 and repeatedly hit you in your face!! Even after u kill a few of them all the do is the same stupid **** --> just running straight to you! **** ! that is so annoying! generally my fights with them were too quick! The lasted somewhere between 2-20 seconds ! either complete clean sweep with headshots before they even fire a shot or (mostly in case of the bigger fights that happen on larger arenas) they ended with my death while i try to end the nuisance so i could enjoy the game. The other annoying part was that i could enter an arena and stand either by the entrance or in a spot where there is cover and headshot them continuously until my revolver is out and i have to switch to shotgun cause by that time the rest of the brainiacs are coming to check me out up close. ITS ANNOYING. There is no time to change strategy really... you change that once u load after you get killed once again.

ALSO smg got really ****** up. Too accurate and nades too fast and straight... cant wait to get to the point where AI will start using nades... i bet thats going to be a blast... right to the face... and my quickload button... COOL GAM

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