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Improvement Mod

Mod review

Italian Civ with Genoese Crossbow. Thats enough for 10/10


Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod Patch 4.1

Mod review

I love playing vanilla and with this mod it enhance the feeling when playing it. But the dev forgot to add lot of faction spesific unit on grand campaign and player must mod the data to make the unique unit enable to train.


Vengeance of the Blood Ravens

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Legions Astartes vs Chaos Legions. What else can I say? Got lots of stuff then the vanila retribution and you must be love it when you try it, for me the Tau and the GK is just a bonus as i much prefer fighting between Legions.


Tiberium Essence

Mod review

Bring back the memories! Awesome mod to play! Cant wait for the release the Forgotten faction!

I play it back and then, and found that if I play the campaign in any difficulties, I found myself is facing against spam of cobra artillery in most GDI Mission(dunno which one, I forget lol)

In skirmish is fine and cool, though I havent tried it in MP, but I must say that every faction is soooo well balanced. (y)

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