Paul Miell is the owner of Ahavah Studio, "Ahavah" is a Hebrew word meaning God’s love. The focus of the studio is to use profits to help those in need. "Making games of light" our slogan produces an ethos of developing clean positive games and influencing the gaming industry to do the same. The 13-year-old skinny nerdish me wanted to an extent pretty much do the same thing the 49-year-old not so skinny nerdish me wants now, own a games studio and make insanely creative games. My first love for games started in the 70s playing Pong, I then upgraded in the early 80s to a microcomputer the Commodore Vic 20, this opened my mind to the wonderful world of programming. The thing I love most about developing games is the insanely creative process. My love for the retro 2D arcade style still remains.

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Boss fight challenges through fast paced magic card battles. 60 card deck & 5 cards per hand.

Aug 15 2018

Most controversial card in deck, when your opponent plays it just before defeat its super controversial. Life is ne…

Aug 14 2018

Spot tokens in stages as the time lock code. The more you are consumed by darkness the less you see and you may mis…

Aug 13 2018

Wisdom is better than foolishness, just as light is better than darkness. #ahavahstudio

Aug 11 2018

The specialty of darkness is deception, a hero is needed to bring the light of truth to a darkened world, seek the…

Aug 10 2018

Darkness covers truth with cold deception, telling me how it's not good enough and I will fail. The Light warms my…

Aug 9 2018

Final Place of Shadow card battle bosses (16-20) require 6 round defeats for your victory. This will be no easy tas…

Aug 8 2018

The game is dedicated to those who battle with darkness daily in their lives. Player will struggle between holding…

Aug 7 2018

The Place of Shadow bosses 11-15 require 5 card battle wins each to defeat them. #ahavahstudio

Aug 6 2018

Mayan stage 14 Wrecking Ball, timing the swinging balls is essential. Beware the rotating hammer trap, falling into…

Aug 4 2018