Paul Miell is the owner of Ahavah Studio, "Ahavah" is a Hebrew word meaning God’s love. The focus of the studio is to use profits to help those in need. "Making games of light" our slogan produces an ethos of developing clean positive games and influencing the gaming industry to do the same. The 13-year-old skinny nerdish me wanted to an extent pretty much do the same thing the 49-year-old not so skinny nerdish me wants now, own a games studio and make insanely creative games. My first love for games started in the 70s playing Pong, I then upgraded in the early 80s to a microcomputer the Commodore Vic 20, this opened my mind to the wonderful world of programming. The thing I love most about developing games is the insanely creative process. My love for the retro 2D arcade style still remains.

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