Aeonsparx Interactive Sdn Bhd is a digital interactive media production company, a marriage of creativity and technology. We are always on the diversity for creativity and ideas, pursuing bleeding-edge technologies, while seeking to venture in to the uncharted interactive territory. We are a team of passionate young Video Games and Software developers who are enthusiastic about creating unforgettable user experience using the best approach for each and every of our projects.

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It's time again when we are pretty much cleared the clients job and we hope we can really complete the game we have started off a few years ago - ZombieSoup.

This game started off from some old left over sketches we did for another game and somehow we sort of grew the project on our own and end up with a gameplay we've set in mind.

The game was initially made in Unit3d. It was intended for IOS and Android. But unfortunately it was a far cry from what we had in mind. There was plenty of technical difficulties and also we were facing issues like Unity3D shares of problem. Issues like transition between version 3.5 to 4.0 where by most existing UI packages project was abandoned while Unity was introducing new UI system. We were also facing issues like collision bugs and etc. Making the game in Unity was an uphill battle as we have to put in a lot of the work to fix bugs and issues. We can't be able to focus on making the game quick enough and reality hits us. We have to scrap the earlier version to take a break from it.

Zombie Soup - Gameplay Sneak Peek 01 - Indie DB

ZombieSoup Boss fight - Indie DB

Then by year 2016, our friend Jeremy from Ammobox Studios has helped us to make the switch to Unreal Engine 4. It was difficult in the beginning but we soon realized how powerful the system can be.

We made a demo by using our existing asset in the previous build and immediately realized how much fun we had by making the game with Unreal Engine 4.

ZombieSoup - UE4 Revamp 01 - Indie DB

Now in year 2019, we have finally have enough confidence to pull off the game. Hopefully we can soon be able to post more updated to this development blogs.


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