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Aenar @ Covenant at War - 1.1 Patch

So, I don't know what god I have to thank for that, but i managed to download it from Moddb pretty easily. So, I tested it, and just like Duke Nukem would say : Aaah... MUCH BETTER NOW !
This patch makes the game more playable for both Covenant and UNSC. No more " rush = win " for UNSC, and no more " no UNSC rush = win " for the Covenant. As a UNSC player, I am totally found of the new Orion-class battleship : it is big, and spawns a lot of Longswords / Shortswords for fighter cover, though it grows pretty vulnerable if it has to face the burst of many Covenant ships alone. The decreased building times makes it finally playable for the UNSC, all the more as space station upgrades are considered as technology. Decreased costs and accessibility to line battleships also makes it possible for the UNSC to face Covenant destroyers. Thanks for this Christmas gift, CaW team.
So now, to arms, Mankind ! Remember Reach !

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Aenar @ Covenant at War - First Release

Oh yeah, upgrading stations as research will clearly play as an advantage for the UNSC player. Thanks for fixing it, I didn't know it was a bug. And thanks for answering our questions, too !
About the Infinity, do you know in which version you intend to release it ? I guess fans could enjoy a screen, even of an untextured ship. We love big guns. I mean, I damn love big guns :D
Anyway, thanks for this great, and even more promising mod.

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Aenar @ Covenant at War - First Release

You of course say the truth about the technological disadvantage of the UNSC, especially when it comes to starships. But, there are a few factors to take in account here : first, the aim is to make a balanced game with two playable factions. On the second hand, I recall that in the comic Fall of Reach, as well as in the first Halo 4 level, Covenant ships are not very resilient when it comes to the hull, so I would - humbly, of course - suggest to boost their shields and weaken their lifebar, as it would both improve the MAC's usefulness and, globally, the UNSC. Oh, and talking about shields, I recall once again from Fall of Reach that Halsey says human shields technology has been made from Covenant stuff, for the Mjollnir power armor. So, hasn't this technology been used by the fleet ? Imo, human-shields-to-developp-during-the-game technology could be a way to improve the UNSC during late games.
I'm only suggesting, of course. You guys made an amazing work with this, and I trust you will do what is best to do in future versions.

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Aenar @ Covenant at War - First Release

Imo, UNSC has the advantage during the early game, when decreased ship construction costs and time allow the UNSC player to quickly attack with fregates while the Covenant has nothing to defend it's base. But indeed, as the game goes on, the Covenant grows ridiculously cheated, and even the heaviest UNSC starships are no match for medium-sized Covenant ships. So yeah, I agree on that a higher pop cap, and decreased cost - and mainly time for the Tiers-5 ships - would balance the game. Wait and see, until the Infinity is added to the UNSC roster.

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