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Cairn will be a single player Real Time Strategy game. You take the role of a Slayer who uses powerful special abilities and tactical commands to destroy his enemies. The player will recruit grunt troops and send massive waves to their doom in the name of glory. Pieces of land will be marked by stone cairn's signifying where Landmarks may be built and it's there that the enemy will be fought off or your forces crushed and your hard fought advances lost.


A world recovering from 50,000 years of darkness has reached unheard of achievements. The world of Myos still shakes when pieces of their shattered moon fall to ground, corrosive oceans still eat away at flesh, and beasts are as enormous and deadly as ever before, but the people not only survive, they prosper. The flourish of new discoveries in new steam technology and the spread of alchemical secrets have brought the people to a new age, but few may live to see where the progress takes them. The powerful factions of Myos can't seem to drag themselves away from bitter feuds and old hatreds. So while the world clashes the intelligent continue to prosper by applying their knowledge to the weapons of war.

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Controls are based off of modern RTS controls, but have been tweaked to work better with touch tablets. The game allows one primary hero called a slayer for each match and he can recruit soldiers and hire adepts to try and destroy his enemy. All of this while advancing his towers and improving his own defenses.Soldiers come in all shapes and sizes. There are the Slayers which includes the massive steam powered gear known as the Centurion who leads troops in strict battle lines and soaks up massive amounts of damage. The Adepts who act as guns for hire and often specialize in support or Slayer assassination and include unit's like the Dark Scorcher, a soldier once armed with alchemical fire has been twisted by unknown technology to turn his furnace into a source of black heartless fire that consumes even the ashes of the enemy. Lastly are the lowly grunts who are swept into battle for the chance of a little coin more than glory. These unfortunate souls include the Scrappers who have nothing and fight bare knuckled and the grand Legionary armed to the teeth with the most advanced technologies and a flame gladius.

Landmarks & Doodads

Landmarks are structures built and destroyed throughout the game. They are similar to the towers in any Tower Defense game. They are fully automated, but can be upgraded and advanced into specialty buildings that offer bonuses to nearby troops, massive offensive weapons, or deadly defenses.Doodads are the objects that stand between you and your enemy. Forests, Tents, Barrels, Ruins, and Fences. All of them can be destroyed and sometimes burning down a forest to reach your enemies flank is by far the best strategy.

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