Random FAQ: Q:Where did you get your odd name? A:It originated back when I used to play Runescape, I needed a name so I chose "Acerp1" I got it from an old Acer Travelmate C100 tablet PC I used to play Runescape on. On the laptop were programmable buttons above the keyboard labeled "P1" and "P2" and I just used the word "Acer" and added "P1" to the end making it "Acerp1" (I also use "Acerp2" in case "Acerp1" is taken). Q:Why are you never online? A:Because I am mostly browsing the web. Q:Do you know/have a program called Steam? If so, do you have an account? A:Yes I do and my account name is ether "Acerp1" or "Acerp2" (I'm to lazy to check right now) Q:You used to play Runescape!? That game SUCKS!! A:I used too. Back in 2006. Now Jagex messed it up and now I only play for around 10 minutes a month just to keep my account in check. Now have fun looking in my empty account here on Mod DB

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