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I am a game designer trying to take my skills into the professional field. My skills include Conceptual Design, Documentation, Artwork, and Music, but I have learned the hard way that I am no programmer. I have several ideas I would like to see come to fruition, so if you want to help, let me know.

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I've been considering this for a while, and with the recent release of Unit 4 and Mecanim, I figure that now might be a good time to try it out, or at least post my ideas to the community and see what they think. My idea is to create a fan-based sequel to the game Mirror's Edge. I want to test my abilities as a designer and see just how far I can make it.
Before I just jump right in and start putting stuff together though, I'd like to get some input from the community. Here are the ideas that I have right now:

Project Title: Mirror's Edge: Shatterpoint

Synopsis: Two years after the events of the first Mirror's Edge game, Faith Connors has returned to the City after receiving a surprising call from former Lt. Miller, who now works for an organization called the FCA and is building a case against Mayor Callaghan. Meeting new allies, and facing former-friends-turned-foes, Faith will need all her new skills to find the evidence she needs to clear her sister's name and bring Callaghan to justice.

With the story taking place over a period of 6 months, new elements come into play, the most obvious being inclement weather. Included in Faith's arsenal are new free-running moves and maneuvers she can use to navigate the city. Faith will also have the ability to locate and pick up gear and gadgets hidden in levels to access new areas.

Level design will also be more diverse. Faith's journey will take her not only to familiar areas such as the city skyscrapers and underground, but to the suburbs and outskirts. The current chapter plan is:

  • Prologue: First Contact - (Outskirts) Faith returns to the city and meets Miller.
  • Ch 1: Silent Protest - (Skyscrapers) Faith searches for a hacktivist who goes by the pseudonym "Silence Dogood".
  • Ch 2: Databank - (Office Complex) With the city servers still damaged, some of the surveillance has been outsourced, and isn't well guarded. The FCA want a back door.
  • Ch 3: Leap of Faith - (Skyscrapers) Rumors of "Faith, the Last Runner" have reached Callaghan. Icarus is now on her trail.
  • Ch 4: Miller - (Prison Complex) To get the CPF off Faith's back, Miller has turned himself in. The FCA needs the intel he's discovered.
  • Ch 5: Checkmate - (Docks/Sewers) When Callaghan became Mayor, one of his opponents was "lost at sea", or was he?
  • Ch 6: Sanctuary - (Suburbs) The CPF has "acquired" a warrant to search an FCA safe house.
  • Ch 7: Remember November - (City Streets) Icarus is planning to discredit the Silence movement by planting some of its own in the next protest.
  • Ch 8: Mirror's Edge - (Transit) Faith battles her friend-turned-foe, Celeste, in a high-speed pursuit across the City.
  • Ch 9: Shatterpoint - (The Spire) In an all-or-nothing gamble, Faith confronts Mayor Callaghan face to face.
  • End Credits - (Skate Park) Inspired by Faith's actions, a group of kids begin practicing parkour moves in an abandoned skate park covered in graffiti.

If you are interested in seeing me continue developing this idea, leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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