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Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos

Game review - 6 agree

At first I thought it didnt look like much, but right when you start it up it sets the atmosphere right.
It's obvious that the devs put a lot of ♥ into this game, theres a ton of little details and for the price it's really delivering all of its promises.

Even if its just for the sake of getting more of this, seeing the revival of classics like SimTower, I'd say buy it.



Game review

I love emergent gameplay, I love the attitude of the developer, I love what I'm seeing/playing so far and thus it would be a crime to bash it for the unfinished state.

Games like this very much remind me of Dwarf Fortress, tho. Made by one or two guys, made not for the money but for the sake of making a good game, that the big companies wouldn't dare to put their money into.

Also, since this is one of the more promising releases here on Desura, and the development progress is pretty solid, I have no doubt that this game will continue to improve more and more over time.
Besides, the price is fair enough for me to not rate it down for being greedy/overpriced or anything, so there you go with your 10/10 :3



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The concept of this game is just epic.

Trying to revive a pretty much dead genre, it goes a long way to add new sugar n spices to the space game scenario. Mixing Star Wars Battlefront's dogfights with multiplayer-controllable ships and actual ship interiors, gunfights and a good modability, this is bound to stir up a lot of attention.

Even in it's current, unfinished state it is well worth the low price of admission, seeing it as a tech-demo preview of what they are going for and asking you for support.

Can't wait for multiplayer or an expansion/sequel, an open world like in Freelancer of Evochron Mercenary would make this the next big hit for all fans of the space genre.



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I don't know what it is about this game. It reminds me of GTA 2 if it had a love session with Terraria/Minecraft and then added in some parts of Spore's space phase.

It obviously lacks polish and as of yet there's not that much you can actually do. As Terraria showed, 2d games aren't thaaaat great for building purposes.

The overall feeling though, with the effects, atmosphere and setting (enemies being able to tear down your constructions for example), is promising enough to make me recommend it, if only for the 5$ pricetag that It has on the website right now.



Game review

Epic Inventor

Game review

Quite complex, obviously (and officially) inspired by Terraria but for a change doesn't allow breaking blocks.

It's yet a bit rough around the edges with some crashes and balancing problems. Melvin (ugh) just camps right in front of my town and rants about inventors..

But hey, it's got multiplayer and its innovative and f*cking free so nobody should complain about the game as long as it doesn't include spyware, viruses or a "format_c.exe"



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Feels already like Dwarf Fortress and has significant potential, made by fans of the old Bullfrog games and Diablo.

This could be the new Dungeon Keeper/Dwarf Fortress/Majesty mix that EA denied us, and it's already well playable. Sure there are some unfinished or unbalanced odds and ends, but I have no doubt that the support of the fanbase will push this to gold status.


Dwarf Fortress

Game review - 1 agree

This is the ultimate game. It has basically everything you could ever imagine (or mod into it).

Athough it's incredibly hard to learn and you need DwarfTherapist in order to effectively manage your fortress, it's satisfying as hell if you actually manage to get things going.



Game review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

Gaming + Poetry + Philosophy = 10/10

Reminds me a bit of Trauma, too.

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