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Report RSS The case of Pirate Kid here in Finland

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Do you know any company who first sets a lure and when a 9-year-old girl takes it they come with police to girl's doors and takes her computer? Yeah, that's Finland's shiniest pearl called 'Tekijänoikeuden tiedotus- ja valvontakeskus' (TTVK).
Oh, that wasn't the whole story. The story, which media has told, goes like this:
1. 9-year-old girl doesn't have enough money for Chisu's album.
2. That girl decides to check the internet. She finds some torrent containing that album.
3. Files were corrupted and TTVK tracked every downloader/seeder and sent them 600€ claim and if the person agreed to pay this price they also made that person an agreement of professional secrecy.
4. The little girl and his father DID NOT AGREE to TTVK
5. Father and girl went to store to buy the legal version of the album.
6. Day after the events came finnish police behind the door and they seized girl's Winnie-the-Pooh laptop. They said to the father "if you only paid the claim any of this wouldn't happen"

Yeah. Talking about mafia-ish actions? TTVK, our "legally working" mafia. I hope this case spreads worldwide and our little friend called Internet would do a raid to TTVK. This is just wrong!

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