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Yesterday I noticed EA gives Battlefield 1942 for free. Yay? Well, after a half of hour I finally got that game. Things I had to do: create an account to EA, create an account to Origin, activate them trough e-mail and download Origin. After that I finally began to download Battlefield.
Battlefield, meh, I think it is overrated. It's kind of boring first person shooter. I rather play Halo: Combat Evolved than that. Well, but it was free so why not? :D
After the "paper wars" about battlefield I got myself into another difficulty. I noticed Origin has an ability to get yourself a virtual copy of your game with your serial code. I quickly searched my boxes in my room to find out my Spore's serial. This didn't go as planned.
First I had to search from EA help for why Origin doesn't download Spore even if I inserted my Serial Code. Then I found out I have to connect to EA helpdesk via e-mail or via phonecall or via live chat. I decided to send an email. I got reply. Yay. It said "I have searched the code provided by you and found that it is linked to some other account. Please let me clarify that we can only provide the digital download of the game on the account to which the code is linked. Hence please provide the account email to which the code is linked so that we can further process your request.". GRAAAAHHH! I remember my bro activated some account with my spore, because back then I had a computer which had performances level of a vacuum cleaner. Well, why doesn't that e-mail say "DONOTREPLY" or something like that? I just found out it has an auto-answer so my messages didn't go trough. And I can't open that f-king case in EA's website.

I hope you don't feel how I feel, have a sweetday, fudgetard. :3

PS. title of this blogpost is rough translation from finnish proverb 'paperisodan kynsissä', which refers to suffering from bureaucracy. (what a word-monster, comes from french word "bureau" I think? )

EDIT: Yeaaah... Thanks EA. -.- My Spore is still linked to brother's e-mail so no go for me. *getting frustrated*

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