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How'd I describe myself? Poor high school student, who has spent a little too much time with computer. Other things I enjoy doing are: Party with friends, listening to music and draw. Remember kids, Potatoes are the most dangerous drug out there!

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I ended up here on Desura by accident. I tried to download and test a game called 'Erie'. I heard about erie through a friend of mine. He said the game was scary and I should test it. Oh well, my computer didn't run it lag-free so it was kinda unhappy gaming experience.
After that I went to 'Games' section of the Desura and I began to look some free games. At the moment my personal favourite is a game called Broken Dimensions. It has cool design and graphics fits in well. My HP Mini is at its limits when playing Broken Dimensions. I love the protagonist's outlook. Chicken-ish little boy with a ability to rotate his surroundings.
Okay, I'm not a person who stucks on a single game. I've enjoyed playing Blendimals too. Kinda cool game, even if it is a bit childish. Gotta try to remember not to put my pets into a blender. :D

Well, how was my weekend other than gaming? I was visiting my friend whole weekend and we did what we did. Played some skyrim, went to spent some pastime and I even had time to design a little more my tiny project called 'Bridge'. I'm a amateur programmer and Bridge is a project of mine. It is supposed to be a horror game with 3rd person view. But because my lack of motivation etc. I'm not gonna yell out "I'm gonna do this and that!!" so yeah. We'll see what happens to that project.

See ya later! :)

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