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5torieteller Creator

This is a post form my fisrt ateemt to help troubleshoot and bug squash here - it still shows up as guest there. I put it here as well incase people need help with that particular BTTF mod issue and dont see it there.

I know its been a month, and maybe you figured this out, but in case you did not, I had the same problem and here is what I discovered:

The issue in my case was the ThirteenAG Widescreen Fix. The newest version (from April 24, 2016) contains it's own d3d8.dll file, which while great for various Vice City vanilla releases, breaks functionality with the BTTF mod, specifically the Time Circuit activation and time entry.

Other functions, like speedometer hiding and RC mode on the Deloreans, seems to still work. The file installed with the BTTF mod seems to be about 1/10th the file size of the one that comes with Widescreen Fix.

In my case, the solution was to use a previous version of Widescreen Fix. Instead of using a d3d8.dll file likethe BTTF mod, it uses an older dinput8.dll file to accomplish widescreen, separating the functions. The fix was to remove the newer widescreen fix files and replace them with the older ones, then extract the d3d8.dll file from the BTTF mods installer .exe file an return it to the games root directory. Unfortunately I cant give you a version number as one isn't included with either fix - the only thing I can tell you is that I downloaded the older one March 26 2015, so it would be the version that was available then.

There are some caveats - the position of the speedometer overlays where the car name temporarily shows up, as well as occasionally when the part of town you are in shows up (ie: Little Havana, Southport, ect) Pressing M I think makes the speedometer go away, but it is needed for knowing when your about to time-jump. Its only for a moment, but cant be fixed (that I've found).

The other is that radio stations names and certain other notifications can become garbled with extraneous repeated overlay text. There is a fix for that though - in the older Widescreen patches .ini file, change the value of "SmallerTextShadows" and "ReplaceTextShadowWithOutline" to 0. As far as I have tested, no other issues come up, but I will return to edit this if I find any.

All that said, don't hold your breath waiting for another fix form the BTTF team. According to Facebook they released a patch for 0.2f R1 that was supposed to fix some of these issues (as well as finally allow for manual changing of control input keys via an .ini file) but that Update, as it was called, is not on moddb that I can find, nor in a trustworthy place of the internet, and the only guaranteed place to get it, which is their website, went down some time ago.

Hope this helps someone.

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5torieteller Creator

EDIT: The toggle for speedometer is "[" and "M" toggles instant time travel and cinematic time travel. As a note, "]" toggles time circuit display appearing on screen. It's still active even if its visibility is turned off.

Sorry for any confusion form my post above.

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