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If you have been looking in the GMOD Image section lately, you will have seen that I have become a common poster and my images combine models and maps from Different Source games(Including HL2,TF2,CSS, and DoD) and mods(Including Empires and WWI Source). I also use custom models and maps that are made(or ported) by the Gmod Community (I.E The Frontlines,BF2142 models, and the custom TF2 hats).

I use the "Nice Saturation" Color Mod Filter Preset provided by The Cinematic Presets Mod which you can get here: . I also use various GMOD tools ranging from the Nocollide tool to the Faceposer tool.

What encouraged/influenced me to starting combining TF2 models with the other source models was the GMOD Comic, The Vicissitude of Time or otherwise known as VOT made by Geos88, which does the samething, but is limited to the Source Game Titles. If you haven't read it check out the first Chapter here: . I also consider the alernate history,fiction, and Science Fiction books from authors Tom Clancy, Harry Turtledove, and John Birmingham as some of my other influences(The Axis of Time, Red Storm Rising, The Bear and the Dragon, and the Worldwar series)

Some of you maybe wondering if there is a story behind my poses. And I will admit there is. But I am going to leave that for another day.

(2142)Gen.Reaper or (2142)President Reaper[FuG} on Steam. Bbarnes005 on Facepunch

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