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Along with my screenshots that sometimes have stories behind them, I also design concepts for factions for use in my short stories. The Particular one I am discussing is called The American People's Party(APP) and it's armed branch, the American People's Military which will be appearing in my upcoming Short Story series on Isotx(Once the Forums are back up) called Clan Wars which will span from 2015 to 2062.

Later in the story line, the APM is a para-military organization, the armed branch of the APP consisting of well trained and equipped soldiers called "Shocktroopers" with the backbone of their military being the Armored Vehicles(Tanks, APCs, IFVs, and ETC) rather than Air Superiority that most US Factions rely on.

Along with the regular Mainline APM, there is the APMSF which is divided into two sub divisions, the Assault Division and the Special Ops Division.

The Assault Division is similar to the NKVD and Waffen S.S, their members are called Assault Troopers (Or sometimes Stormtroopers) and have their own Armored Divisions and Aircraft that include the fearsome Megathon Heavy Tank. The Assault Division's Job is to provide extreme brute force when needed, normally used against Strongholds of Terrorist Organizations or in situations that are considered too dangerous for the Regular APM.

Then Finally the Special Operations Division consists of the APMSF Alfa Squads and Black Ops. Alfa Squads are the Ultra-Elite of the APMSF, their duties involve espionage, terror attacks, Subversion, and just causing general fear. Black Ops are the regular Special Forces that do sabotage, hostage rescue, and ETC.

The Regular APM is divided into three separate sub branches, the American's People Military Naval Corps (APMNC), the American's People Military Air Corps (APMAC), and just the regular APM.

The APMNC is the navy consisting of modernized vessels salvaged from the US Navy "Mothball" fleets(Including Battleships) across the Nation. Their Job is provide additional naval protection to the United States and protect APM operations overseas. It also includes the APMC (American's People Marine Corps).

The APMAC is the Air Branch of the APM who's purpose is to provide air support to APM Ground and naval Forces as well assist the USAF in maintaining Air Superiority as well as doing it by themselves. The APMAC uses their own versions of the F-22 Raptor(Upgraded with modules from the F-35), F-35, A-10, F-15 Strike Eagle, F-18 Hornet, C-8, C-17, and the AC/C-130.(This is just their 2020-2049 Arsenal)*They have also have their own small strategic bomber fleet consisting of B-52s

Then finally there is the Regular APM. The Regular APM relies on Superior Armor with their M5 Schwartzkopf Tank, M1A3/A4 Abrams , and Megathon Tanks along with various other vehicles such as the Stryker, Bradley, HMMWV, MRAP, and LAV with the Shocktroopers following shortly behind them to finish off what's left. Shocktroopers are armed with a variety of weapons ranging from the GK Series Assault Rifle to the Javelin ATGM. Their arsenal also includes the infamous Flamethrower that the APM even attached to some of their vehicles(EX: Stryker "Zippo").

The APM as a whole operates separate from the Regular US Military as it does not answer to the Joint Chiefs, but the head of the party/president of the United States and it's objectives are:
1. Protection of the American People at all cost
2. The Permanent Neutralization of all enemies of the state, both foreign and internal.
3. Prevent the Major Industries from having too much influence in the Federal Government(Alfa Squads)
4. Maintain the Stability of the United States

And to do these, the APM relies on Sheer Brute Force, their tactics often leaves the United States being criticized by the remaining members of the dying United Nations (European Federation, Canada, The Central American Union, and So on) for ignoring rights of their "Enemies" and often doing very large-scale collateral damage and then leaving without helping their former enemies to rebuild.

The APP is also criticized both internationally and by the economic leaders for controlling Imports through Tariffs that it claims in place to protect American Businesses that are still recovering from the turmoil that shook the country during the Second Civil War between the Republicans, APP, and the Democrats.

The Main Critics of the APP and the new US Government is the European Federation, where many Republicans and Democrats fled to escape retribution from the APM at the end of the Second Civil War, where they have many sympathizers in the European Governments. The result is a ongoing Cold War-like relations between the United States and the European Federation. The APP to put pressure on the Europeans ally themselves with Commonwealth of Independent States and Israel and also making it a common practice to aim ICBMs with Nuclear Warheads at Major European Cities.

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