Hi, I'm 200rabbits, and I'm a keen modder of all games.
I'm currently project leader and manager for upcoming Battlefield 2 mod; Nothing Held Back

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Mr. T Ain't Happy Wit' Choo!

An origional piece by 200rabbits
Made from a screen shot of a WoW advert (commercial).

So anyway, a blog entry huh? May as well have one, dunno if this thing gives dates, so i'll tell ya, it's 11pm GMT and it's December 10th 2008 and 200rabbits is writing his first blog entry.
Life goes on as life goes on.
In more interesting news, NHB test build went up a while ago, getting the files hosted was a right royal pain in the backside! The number of times a file hosting site or the internet crashed! Ugh! And how slow does it get! My PC must have been on without being switched off for about 50 hours! I'd have switched off between uploads but i was doing multiple up and downloads.
And that concludes the time remaining before i fall about one and a half metres towards my bed, and then my limbs fall in all the right directions to do things like getting undressed and climbing into bed and turning out the lights. Yes, that's right, all without any muscles! Pure gravity power! XD
And please please please, no more quantum mechanics!

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NHB Mod Development Team

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The mod team responsible for working on the "Nothing Held Back" mod for Battlefield 2. The possibility of working on other future projects or helping...

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