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What you’ll do:
Just because Peer Review is a remake doesn't mean we're not going to write our own script! Dialogue has to be reworded to flow more realistically, some of Gearbox's less... logical... decisions have to be adapted or handwaved, and well, let's face it... *somebody* has to write all those enemy barks.

At PSR Digital, the writer is the primary person who's in charge of editing and formatting the script. The writer isn't the sole owner of every line in the game, of course-- the actual writing process is a collaboration between everyone working on a particular sequence or level, plus anybody else on the team who might come up with a good idea or snappy line or two. Because of this, the writer is also in charge of making sure any collaboratively-sourced dialogue conforms to a single unified vision, and has the final say on what makes it into the script.

PSR Digital is looking to fill this role for Peer Review, a reimagining of Half-Life: Decay.

Please note that due to the licensing terms of Valve's Source SDK, we are unable to release our project commercially, which means we have no way of recouping any costs associated with the project, including compensation for your work. As such, this is a volunteer position only.

Who you are:
• An enthusiastic, friendly developer who is willing to work with a team
• Able to read and write fluent English
• Someone with a suitable amount of free time willing to be dedicated to the project (this is flexible and vague, but we don’t want anyone just kind of popping in only once every month or so!)
• Willing and able to effectively give and receive constructive feedback
• Have access to an internet connection stable and fast enough for frequent uploads and downloads
Experienced in writing, editing, and formatting scripts
• A creative individual with a good sense of humor
• Willing to accept suggestions and constructive feedback from others
• Not averse to sharing your work with others
• A fluent speaker of the English language

• Prior experience writing for game projects is preferred, but not required

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