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We here at Honor Games LLC are looking for narrative (story) writers for our mod project (freeware, meaning that this is not a paid position).

As a writer for our current project, you will become acquainted with what has been written so far by our team and the alternate Tiberium Universe that we are working in. You will then work both on your own and with others to add to and put your own personal spin on the universe we are creating.

The writing being done is a mixture of standalone pieces of lore, and a larger linear story project. We are working within an alternate version of the already established Tiberium Universe.

Though we don't expect prior experience with the Tiberium Universe, experience is an asset.

Please recognize that we prefer you to be 18+ (Graduated from High School). also will expect some form of prior narrative experience, preferably in prose.

Anything that has ‘Lore’ or ‘Narrative’ in the title will have to do with the Writing Department of our mod team.

The standard gamedev AD:

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you.

To Apply

Here is the contact email:
Please include your resume, portfolio (if applicable) and at least two examples of previous narrative work. Please include your Time Zone.

Anywhere, US Time Zones Bonus
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