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MechWarrior: Living Legends is back in action, now with a new community-based development team looking for some artists!

Originally founded in 2008, the award-winning total conversion mod for Crysis Wars has essentially become a standalone game, still featuring its remarkable combined-arms gameplay set in the BattleTech universe. In order to keep this gameplay style alive, we've got to mean business! Development is not only serious, but also highly passionate about the quality of the game, and has plenty more content planned for inclusion in upcoming patches. Of course, with assets being planned for inclusion comes the responsibility to create them.

This is where we need your help, artists!

Our developers are looking for both 3D Modelers and Texture Artists. Regardless of the tools you use - be it 3DS Max, Blender, Maya, Lightwave, Photoshop, or even The GIMP - if you can make textures or models, we need your help!


Good knowledge of how to use your tool(s) (e.g. Photoshop, 3DS Max, Blender)
Attention to detail
Able to work in and communicate with a fairly large team through Discord
Dedication to finishing assets

For Modelers:

Experience with modeling vehicular assets, particularly tanks and mechs

For Texturers:

Experience creating textures for science-fiction style models

A Plus If You Have...

Prior experience working with science-fiction projects
Prior experience working in a mod team
Rigging and/or animation experience
Some experience with SandBox2 Editor
Basic experience with Gitbucket or similar
An affinity for the BattleTech universe or mech-related subjects!


You are free to add everything made by you, and publicly released, into your portfolio
You are free to use MWLL in your CV
You can have your name added to the credits list
You may not resell assets made for MWLL

We are committed to delivering as high quality content and gameplay as can be achieved with CryEngine 2 (our game engine), and hope that you share these values too.

To close, here are some screenshots to show what our game is about:

We really look forward to working with you!!

To Apply

If you want to take part in this amazing project maintained by an awesome community, please contact me directly at with an example or two of your work, as well as a bit of text about your skills and experience (doesn't need to be lengthy), and the "hiring" process will flow from there. The majority of this process will most likely occur via Discord.

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