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Maker's Lair is the current studio behind 'Wicked Evolving For A Broken Future'. We're hoping to have the game stretch-out in all aspects of design, including web-work, resulting in many positive factors.

We're looking for website designers to create the main website for Wicked Evolving, and possibly even Maker's Lair.

#1 - Role:

Your role would be to design and create a website for Maker's Lair's 2009 - 2016 production; 'Wicked Evolving'. This would entail working on very simplistic methods.

Your working time will be quite short, we are fully prepared and ready to hire a website designer or web-crew. We are already currently hosted on 24', which allows you a very large working base.

#2 - Experience:

Understanding of HTML, CSS, Style formation and theme creation
Be able to communicate with the lead stylist and director, along with being able to build the website from their concept & art style.

No work with PHP or CMS included.

#3 - Work, it-self:

We would like to clarify the positions stance. A very short amount of your time will be used to design the website(s>?)

- And we'll offer you a very interesting work style.

#4 - Benefits:

This position is voluntary and you will only receive artificial benefits.

For your time, work and production; we can offer a possible recommendation for your Resume` or CV, full credits of your name and affiliates, public recognition through the use of articles or updates/ showcases.


Thank you very much for reading. Please do contact if you have any questions!

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