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This job posting is to become an animator for already made 3d objects. Depending on your job, you will mostly be animating the weapons and characters, or making props involved in the maps/levels. We currently have a team of three in Provoken Games, consisting of one programmer, one weapon modeler/texture maker, and one prop modeler.

So we are looking for:

>1 Prop Modeler for the Maps/Levels
>1 Animator for the Weapons/Characters

The game is an unnamed FPS made in Unity3d. It is still in very early development, but the foundation work is mostly complete. It is set in modern times, and is going to a multiplayer game revolved around a war between Iran and Afghanistan vs England and the US. But what sets this FPS apart from the tons of others? We came up with the idea to have the war be the complete opposite point of view of the average westerner. Rather than the middle eastern countries being the "bad guys", the plot is that the western countries are going to attack the eastern countries totally unprovoked, in an attempt for oil. With the false justification of the western countries that Afghanistan is harboring "weapons of mass destruction", the game is more of a satirical play at the Iraq War (just with different/more countries for added interest). Then Iran will join the war on Afghanistan's side, and the UK will join the US. We are also planning on having gameplay be semi-reliant on skills... You'll find out once you join later on.

As far as the requirements for this position, you must:

>Be experienced (at least 6 months+)
>Have knowledge of the game development process
>Having a portfolio/resume, and prior experience in working in teams are very large pluses
>You will need a Skype to communicate with the other members

As far as pay, it will be unpaid for the time being. This game is more of a side-project indie game, where we acknowledge that pay will come only if (hopefully "when" rather than "if") the game actually gets released.
Once you send me an email we can talk company divisions for each person etc if you are worried about that.

Check out our ModDB page, at
We hope to start updating the site with our progress.

To Apply

To apply, please send me an email at

Again, resum├ęs and portfolios are large pluses (doesn't have to be in an aesthetically professional format or anything, just evidence that you have experience)!

Thanks a lot,

Trevor Porter

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