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hello I am Jara and I am making a game with around 15 others. Most of them are inactive and do something now and then but I'm actually looking for a more stable team. We're working on this for about a year now and still haven't got the demo done. It's a revenue share project.
Platform: PC.
Engine: Unity.
Language: C#.
Genre: Fantasy Action RPG.

the game has 8 playable characters. each with a different element, weapon and story:
- girl1: light, sword and shield.
- girl2: poison, daggers.
- girl3: fire, katars.
- girl4: blood, scythe.
- girl5: nature, lance.
- girl6: ice, instruments.
- girl7: thunder, bow and arrow.
- girl8: dark, two handed sword.

the game is about two writers. the first people (like adam and eve, only in god form). one of them has the power of space, and one of them the power of time. the space writer made a world where people lived with free will, but the time writer decided to take it from them and discarded the space writer from time. but what he couldn't expect what that she left traces of her in the shape of cloaks (the cloaked figures). one day 8 different girls, 4 sets of twins find a book. before this happened, they wrote a story that predicted what was gonna happen. though they were unaware of this being a prediction, they just thought they were writing a story. this book leads them to something in between heaven and hell. the beginning of the everything in space and time. this is where the two writers are. those girls were the only ones with free will in the world where they came from, although they didn't notice, everything else around them is fake. the girls have all landed in a different "world" of the book. in each world, everything seems broken and shattered, while the inhabitants are waiting for a hero to save them. this is all made up by the time writer to mislead them. eventually they end up in a cave. they see their twins are in the opposite world. they meet the cloaked figure and he will grant the girls choices once in a while. depending on which choice you make the outcome of the story will be different. the goal for the girls is to find each other and combine their powers to stop the writers. but to find each other they have to make the right choices.

art examples:

We need: pixel artists, animators, illustrators and programmers.
What kind of work you will be expected to do when you join as a pixel artist:
Mainly things like monster designs and dress designs (from all 3 angles) or maybe fix things up a little that are already made. If your pixel artwork looks really nice but you are also good in animating I rather want you to focus on this area, but of course if you want to you can also chose to work on animations.

What kind of work you will be expected to do when you join as an animator:
Movements of enemies/creatures, movements of characters, weapon animations, special effects (like an explosion). We make our sprite sheets in aseprite but you can also send each frame over in a zip. Since every character has more than one weapon we make the attack animation for each without weapon in her hand and place the weapon over it. Don't forget, all the animations have 3 angles too.

What kind of work you will be expected to do when you join as an illustrator:
Things like concept art and drawings shown in the game but also illustrations for in the guidebook we're gonna make and other things like art for the website.

To Apply

if you are interested, send your portfolio or examples of your pixel art, animations or/and illustrations to
for programmers: I would like to hear something about your experience with unity or games you've worked on.

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