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Hi everyone !
Our team is looking for an additional programmer right now.
We have one programmer at the moment but he doesn't have enough time to spend on the game and are trying to make the progress a little faster after 3 years of development.

You will be provided with:
- Required assets for the game (art, animations, sfx, music, fonts, etc)
- Game Design Documents with your to-do list, summary of how it is supposed to end up looking and a description of your tasks. We can discuss this if you don't understand something.

Location: Everywhere. The job is online.

Payment: Revenue Share.

- Atleast one year of experience in coding C#
- Knows how to use unity engine and git.

- Is able to work on the project atleast once a week.
- Programmer needs to be certain they can work on the project for atleast until demo release.

- If programmer has trouble with something, he/she needs to ask for help or pick another task.
- Programmer needs to inform either lead programmer, project manager or both about which tasks they think they are capable of doing and discuss how to share the workload together with lead programmer and project manager.

Girl2 and her twin sister girl4 have been created by the almighty "Existence" which is the god of everything.
They grew up in a prison cage and were the ones that didn't show any emotion from the outside because of the trauma they experienced in the time they were in the glass road (which is kinda like a womb). In the inside, however, they were really sensitive and feeling everything 80 times heavier than others upon birth. Even when there was nothing going on they felt fear. On their 5th birthday Existence left a diary for them to write in. In that diary everything they thought of and imagined appeared in their world Lyseria in the Unwritten book. The first that appeared was girl2's friend lillium and girl4's friend (we still need to think of a name for him). They became the diary.
No one knows what's under the cloak until the last game of the series. The cloaked figure has been guiding/helping her throughout all the series, but everyone should think it's the villain. When the cloak is being attacked, it reflects upon the person that attacked it and the cloak will not be damaged at all. The cloaked figure is invincible but wants to die to save the girls because they are the reason there are really painful issues with the girls. Each girl has its own "reason" to be saved. Girl2 and girl4 need to be saved from their emotional trauma. When the cloak is dead the girls will be back to their regular state without any issues.
The small game we are working on now is a bridge between the first and second Unwritten game. In the first they will figure out more about the lore of montre and astrea, the space and time god. They have been living back on earth for 2 years before the bridge game. In the bridge game they will go back to the Unwritten book and do a graduation test for their next mission which is defeating the cloaked figure.

To Apply

Please answer the follow questions:
1) For how long are you coding in C#?
2) Do you know how to use Unity Engine and git?
3) How often are you available for this project? And how many hours?
4) Total amount of hours you are willing to spend on this project?

MAILTO: and we will inform you about the workload of the trailer release. Project manager is still working on the GDD for the demo release.

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