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New Mombasa Interactive is currently recruiting for our upcoming game, Coral. We need C++/Blueprint Programmers, Animators, texture artists, vfx artists, and 3D Modelers.

Programmers are needed to work on multiple systems in the game, including the AI, game modes, combat, vehicles, menus, and movement. We are using Unreal Engine 4, so knowledge of C++ and/or blueprints is fine.

3D Modelers are needed to create hard and soft surface meshes. We require models for enemies, vehicles, weapons, and environmental pieces. Can work in any program, but must own full rights to it. Must be able to create high and low poly models, and be able to follow the art style and poly limits. Ability to do textures is a plus but not required.

Texture Artists are needed to create textures for the environment and models. Ability to bake is required, and must be able to produce high quality textures. Ability to use Illustrator or Substance is preferred. Ability to do VFX art is preferred but not required.

VFX artists will work to finalize the HUD, GUI, and particle systems in the game. Must be familiar with Unreal. Other programs are users choice.

Animators will be in charge of rigging and animating vehicles, weapons, and character models. Must be able to completely rig and animate in program of choice.

To learn more about New Mombasa Interactive or Coral, please check out our Discord server at or subreddit at r/NewMombasaInteractive.

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