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Programmers located Donostia - San Sebastian, SPAIN.

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Ok, I know this will sound pretty unorthodox for a job position here, but we are JMAA GAMES. We make games, I do video content sometimes under JMAA TV, I also do games, we've made stuff like Johann Weiss (you can ez look it up on Steam if you want). We were just making the Unity coding for Hell, MI (our upcoming multiplayer hidden role party FPS game) thanks to the talent of one anonymous coder (his identity shall remain anonymous to protect him). Unfortunately, this coder has gone missing and shows no trace of living whatsoever for some utter reason, so we're left without anyone skillful enough to code up a multiplayer game on its own.

We need a Unity coding guy for this. And the way we could pay it off for now is with profit share, I know this might sound like a bummer, but I'm looking forward to start the actual business and start making contracts since the company isn't even registered as an actual local company. IDEALLY, we need someone in San Sebastian (Spain) or close proximities, at least so I can have someone to actually have the business with. Profits can either come from game sales, our Patreon at or any outlet where we actually sell something, so don't think we're probably bullshitting.

Anyway, any good candidates, contact me. This John Romero clone cannot do without his John Carmack.

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Send a valid resume to juanmtheripper gmail dot com or contact me personally on our Discord with your resume: at Johann Weiss#3846

Donostia - San Sebastian, SPAIN
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