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Type of work: Volunteer

Until such a time when the game is released and you will receive a percentage cut from the base sales.

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Job Description

You will be working on our main video game project to be released in 2013.
You will be building what the game will do in the final outcome using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.

Synopsis of game:

based on a futuristic world, which involves you living in a time of rebellion. There is an outbreak of civil unrest between the rich and the poor. The current friction between the elite and the rest of the population, which are making headlines such as the occupy protests (99% v 1%) and other related news stories will mean many people will be able to relate very closely to this story, as it signifies these tensions. In the game your character's father is kidnapped without any explanation, with this sudden event occurring you focus on finding your father by fighting your way through the core to find him. The core is controlled by the powerful/elite though its actual purpose and context of this unknown organisation will all be revealed as the game progresses.

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Must have:
• Able to understand game coding
• Know their way around Epic Games’ Unreal Engine
Added bonus:
• Lives around the Wrexham area.
• Able to come into Wrexham monthly for meetings and showing ideas to the rest of the team.

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