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Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by KorbohneD on

Egosentia is a metroidvanian Shooter, where the story, the world and its inhabitants are influenced by your own personality.

You need to gather material from anyone and anything to craft ammunition, weapons and structures that help you on your quest to find the Blue Flower. A mysterious bloom that grants its picker a single wish. On your journey trough this strange land you will encounter many strangers. It is up to you if they will stay that way, become friends or even enemies.

Dialogue options will be adjusted to your player-personality over the course of the adventure.
You will get new dialogue options, Npcs will react differently and hidden parts and storylines will open up

I am the lead programmer, writer and currently the only fixed* member in the team. I am looking for an artist that can make tilesets to improve the ingame art of the levels.
The challenge is to make something, that does not feel blocky but can be used in many different way to generate different platforms and structures.
When the game is finished, you will get a percentage of the revenue of every soled copy.

Here are a few pictures/videos to show what already exists:

*there are more people working on characterdesign, environment and music. These work also voluntarily/for revenue.

To Apply

If you are interested in this proposal, please add me on Discord by using my ID - KorbohneD#9014 -

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