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Survivor is a top-down view space RPG being developed in the Unity game engine.

You are a single humanoid that crash lands on the surface of a unknown randomly procedurally generated starting planet. You have your basic resources that you can gather. The resources you gather will be placed inside your backpack which you can then use to make all sorts of structures such as crafting benches and storage crates. Then you’ll be researching new technologies until you have researched the technology to craft a spaceship. You will then traverse through the stars, encountering new species and civilizations. Other planets will have different resources required for more advanced entities that you will eventually require. There will be factions that will wage war on you based on sheer bias or because you're too close to their territory. However if unprovoked and friendly, you may be able to recruit new colonists, trade and potentially make a new ally. Civilizations in space and on the surface of planets will continue to progress even if they're not loaded in on your screen. The progression will not be dealt with every game frame but rather be based on the difference in time you last visited that civilization.

If the game ever makes it to Steam or gets revenue from a kick starter or similar site, you will get a share of the profits based on your contributions.

I'm looking for people with the following skills.

  • Unity C# Scripting

There is no deadline, the project is on-going, we use Discord & GitHub for team communication and collaboration.

To Apply

talk to valk#3277 through Discord.

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